These Peoples Refused Million Of Dollars
Most people think: stupid not to take a million, if you offer it, because the next time can no longer offer. But sometimes come to light cranks that can not lightly be tempted - it is about them will be discussed.

 The actress, who has rejected an offer to pose nude for $ 1 million
Infamous actress Lindsay Lohan was shocked attention of the editor of the notorious edition for men, led by Hugh Hefner, last year, offers her to undress in honor of the 55th anniversary of the first issue of the magazine. It is not the first time refused to strip for 'Playboy', but this time it's the first time the fee would have been $ 1 million
It is rumored that intractable star offered to "show all" for $ 700 thousand in September of 2008, and in 2009 she was invited to pose for $ 500 thousand - Lohan and is refused, then the "Playboy" has raised the price to $ 900 thousand
Earlier, Lindsay partially bared for a photo shoot at the famous designer Hedi Slimane, and the shooting in the image of Marilyn Monroe for «New York Magazine» in 2008, the year.

Real Beauty Is In The Eye Of Beholder

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Real Beauty Is In The Eye Of Beholder
Most pet owners would consider their furry companions adorable. They do silly things, they snuggle us when we need a friend, and they make the cutest facial expressions ever.

A dog named Lucielle Bald is seen during the 18th annual World's Ugliest Dog competition June 23, 2006 at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. Heather Peoples of Phoenix, Arizona and her dog Archie took home a $1,000 dollar prize for winning this year's contest. 

Five gadgets Of The 1970s That Changed Life As We Know It

We recently listed significant gadgets of the 1980s and 1990s. If you think the gadgets we listed on those lists would make today's kids laugh, wait until you see our list for the 1970s.

 The SX-70 was the first mainstream Polaroid camera for consumers. It allowed you to take pictures and see them developed right in front of your eyes. The film, however, was quite expensive.

The 10 Best Theatrical Experiences Of The World

One of the best ways to see and understand the world is to travel as a theater tourist.
What does it mean to be a tourist of the theater world? It means scheduling your travel itinerary so you can see the best theatrical productions the countries you are visiting has to offer. If you aim to see the very best performance art the world has to offer, you will get an experience of a lifetime.  The theatrical performance arts have a depth of meaning and cultural richness that allow you to understand the culture of a particular people or country in a short time, in a much better way than if you simply hopped on the standard tour group.

The Most Profitable Stars Of The Decade
The publication Huffington Post was rated the most commercially successful Hollywood celebrities for the last 10 years
 The ranking were fabulous actors Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe

10 Most Amazing And Least-Known facts Of Human Body
Of all the natural feelings we, of course, is the closest feeling of our own body. However, the features of the human body is still not fully understood, and we are waiting for a lot of amazing and eerie discovery. We'll tell you about the 10 most amazing and least-known features of our body.

1. Allergy as a cancer prevention
 Reactions caused by air-borne allergens - one of the most unpleasant (eg, hay fever). If the products that cause allergies, can not eat, and many chemical exposure can be reduced, then avoid contact with plants, pylyu, pollen is extremely difficult. However, oddly enough, to allergies, there are a plus. It turns out that the air flowing through the allergens in some way affect the immune system and allergies and cancer risk in allergic reduced. Preliminary research has shown that due to the effect of stimulating the immune system similar to vaccination, including allergies much less cancer patients.

Creatures From Another Planet

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Creatures From Another Planet
A long time ago, even before dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the first shark, these alien beings have inhabited the seas and oceans. They - some of the oldest inhabitants of our planet, living on the Earth still 500-700 million years ago.

 This jellyfish - one of the most exciting, beautiful and mysterious sea creatures.

Meals Not For The Squeamish People

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Meals Not For The Squeamish People
In some parts of the world use to write things that seem to us simply unacceptable or even nasty. Just want to warn that further information is not for the squeamish and highly impressionable people

 Leaf-cutting ants (400 kcal per 100 grams in weight) vs chocolate (550 calories per 100 grams in weight)

Despite the aversion of the population of Western countries to eating insects, the UN expects to change the attitude to entomophage. It is planned to organize a campaign in which scientists will educate the public on issues related to the use of insects as food. As a result, it is hoped the UN, progressive people pay attention to this still untapped resource. In the end, reminiscent of the organization, the food is largely determined by the habits and fashion.

High-Tech Data Center In Sweden Facebook

 The number of Facebook users is increasing every day by hundreds of thousands of people, and in order to maintain such a crazy flow of information, the equipment must meet the highest standards of bandwidth. Today I want to show you one of these data-cents of Facebook, which is located in Sweden.

Top 20 Places To See With Your Own Eyes

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Top 20 Places To See With Your Own Eyes

 Amazing places on our planet, which necessarily need to visit at least once in their life. Read the short review and look photo reports from the area further. 
Amazon, South America

That Didn't Go As Planned (GIFs)

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That Didn't Go As Planned (GIFs) 

 Not As Planned: In The Face!  
We believe alcohol was involved in all of this.

Biggest Parties Thrown By Celebrities
When we mere mortals throw parties, we invite family members, friends, classmates, officemates and other acquaintances. But when celebrities host the parties, expect the whole world to watch, be envious and nitpick on every little detail of the party. And there are a lot of things to watch during these parties, as they tend to be the social events of the year. Here is a list of the top 10 biggest parties thrown by celebrities.

1. Sean Combs
The man once known as Puff Daddy or P Diddy threw a $3 million party when he celebrated his 40th birthday in 2009. The party was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel along 5th Avenue in New York. The event had a black and white theme and was sponsored by the rapper’s own vodka firm. It featured a tiered black and white birthday cake that had his initials on the shield. Combs also spent $28 thousand for white orchids that he used to adorn the ballroom. His guest list included Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Denzel Washington, Estelle, Rachel Hunter, Taboo, Nelly and Jimmy Fallon. Combs claimed he suffered his first hangover in five years the morning after the party.

Top 10 Worst Cases Of Sleepwalking

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Top 10 Worst Cases Of Sleepwalking
We read on a few horror stories about people unconsciously lunacy that led to a frightening consequences. In fact, walking in a dream can end quite unpleasant or even with very serious consequences. Read.
 Kenneth Parks
Immediately start with the most famous cases of sleepwalking-crime. Kenneth - Canadian who began to suffer from insomnia in their 20s. She had developed after he lost his job and has amassed a lot of debt on gambling. May 23, 1987, Parks got up, drove 10 kilometers to his wife's parents' home, killed and wounded a mother-in-law. After that, he himself went to the police in the same state of sleepwalking. The court believed, and experts confirmed that Kenneth could do it in his sleep, in connection with which he was found not guilty.

The Relationship Of The Actors In The Movie And In Real Life

These Photos Are Full Of "What The Hell?"

 Win/Fail: Almost Had It
Bro, you got so close.

Fun With Statues

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Fun With Statues

When'll be photographed next to some monument, your imagination to its fullest

Most Shocking Anatomical Museums In The World

Anatomical museums are invariably increased interest among tourists. When a museum or art history did not arouse enough interest, then before the upcoming holiday, choose the exposure that will touch a chord in earnest.

Amazing Place On Top Of The Mountain Aiguille du Midi

An amazing place called "Half Eagle", which is at the very top of the mountain Aiguille du Midi, with a height of 3000 meters and 842! To get there, you need to overcome your fear at the highest cable car in the world, the rise of which is from 1,035 m to 3,842 m look on.

Fantastic World Of The Human Body

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Fantastic World Of The Human Body

The Top 10 Biggest Malls In The World
 Malls have become a lot more than just shopping venues. It has become a modern version of the park as people flock to malls just to hang out and have fun. Anything and everything that you need can be found right in the malls.

  10. Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya, Malaysia – 396,000 square meters
You won’t miss this place if you are in the Bandar Sunway area in Subang Jaya. It has a pyramid design with a giant lion standing guard at the entrance. The mall opened in 1997 with some redevelopment done in 2007. It has more than 800 shops and services available. The entire building has an Egyptian-inspired design, with pseudo hieroglyphics and pharaoh statues.

Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskies In The World

One of the best ways to end a day is by enjoying a glass or two of whiskey. Strong and relaxing, whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage created out of fermented grain mash. While different kinds of grains may be used, such as barley, corn, rye or wheat, all of them are aged to perfection in wooden barrels generally made out of charred white oak.
Some of the best whiskies have been in storage for decades. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive whiskies in the world.

Avalanches In Photos

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Avalanches In Photos

Dangerous Tourism In China

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Dangerous Tourism In China

These photos show a dizzying tour navigating through extremely narrow and treacherous passage along the cliffs on the picturesque mountains in Shaanxi Province, China.