These Peoples Refused Million Of Dollars
Most people think: stupid not to take a million, if you offer it, because the next time can no longer offer. But sometimes come to light cranks that can not lightly be tempted - it is about them will be discussed.

 The actress, who has rejected an offer to pose nude for $ 1 million
Infamous actress Lindsay Lohan was shocked attention of the editor of the notorious edition for men, led by Hugh Hefner, last year, offers her to undress in honor of the 55th anniversary of the first issue of the magazine. It is not the first time refused to strip for 'Playboy', but this time it's the first time the fee would have been $ 1 million
It is rumored that intractable star offered to "show all" for $ 700 thousand in September of 2008, and in 2009 she was invited to pose for $ 500 thousand - Lohan and is refused, then the "Playboy" has raised the price to $ 900 thousand
Earlier, Lindsay partially bared for a photo shoot at the famous designer Hedi Slimane, and the shooting in the image of Marilyn Monroe for «New York Magazine» in 2008, the year.

  Math genius who has refused to award $ 1 million
Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman in 2003, the year proved the Poincaré conjecture, which states that any three-dimensional space without boundary can be transformed into a sphere - the mystery at that time about a hundred years was considered unsolvable.Recognised as one of the smartest people in the world, Perelman published two proofs of the theorem - in 2002 and 2003, respectively, but only in 2010, a group of mathematicians from the Institute of Clay confirmed his loyalty to the evidence, so one of the seven so-called "Millennium Puzzles "has been resolved.The price of this decision - $ 1,000,000 and the "Fields Medal", the mathematical equivalent of the Nobel Prize, generously, is not it? But the genius refused the money, saying that scientific knowledge more financial reward."I am not interested in money or fame. The whole world runs through the void, and it is subject to the formulas - it gives us endless possibilities. I know that governs the universe. So tell me, why should I work for a million? "- Perelman said in an interview with a local newspaper. 47-year-old genius still lives modestly with his mother and sister in his hometown - St. Petersburg.

 The winner of the lottery, do not pick up their 2 million pounds
It seems that everyone wants to win the lottery, but apparently this is not the case: 70-year-old German pensioner ticket fell by 2 million pounds ($ 2.77 million), but he refused the cash, so do not know what to do with them .
According to the winner, it is not at all interested in the victory, as he bought a ticket just because his late wife was a passionate player. When he learned of the prize, then went to the headquarters of the Association of lotteries and told them that I would not take any money. Retired resisted even for many persuasions employees, saying that he had nothing to do with this money, because it has the world's no one left - his wife and parents are gone, and the children or other immediate family members, and he was not. The association keeps winning, waiting for that one day he will change his mind.
 Man, do not sell the stone for $ 4,000,000
While traveling through the mountains near the border with Yemen, a resident of Saudi Arabia Saleh Al Ghamdi Musfer found a dark stone, which, according to him, was mentioned in one of the verses of the Qur'an, which states that in the Year of the Elephant (570 the year n. E.) Allah sent Ababil birds, showering the Ethiopian army ruler Abraha Sajjil stones (in the lane. Arabic - "baked clay"), which, falling in the Ethiopian soldiers left their terrible non-healing ulcers. The aim was the destruction of Abraha army major Muslim shrines - the Kaaba, but some people still died on the outskirts of Mecca, the other was overcome panic, and, departing, they died one after the other on the way home.A year later, Saleh offered for this stone $ 4,000,000, because it is decorated with images of birds and elephants, it weighs exactly 131 grams, which corresponds to the number of words in the same verse of the Quran, as well as experts have calculated that the age of the stone is 1442, which is just coincides with the events referred to in the Qur'an. However, Saleh said that before the discovery of his dreams were father and grandfather, and it is - an important reason not to sell the relic. 
 The inventor, not having taken $ 60 million to leave a clean conscience
In 2006, a scientist and inventor Jeffrey Van Middlebrook has developed the technology of purification of waste products of combustion from the gas CO2, whose application in industrial scale would bring him a fortune.Development Middlebrook strongly interested the Chinese government, confident in the successful application of this invention in the development of clean coal energy. China - the world's largest consumer of coal, the use of which side to produce electricity is a huge amount of pollutants entering from the combustion of fuel in the atmosphere - every year in China from diseases related to the horrific state of the air, kills about half a million people. In addition, coal, burning, helps to increase the layer of black clouds of smog enveloping major Chinese cities.With the support of the University of China and the deep coffers of the Communist Party, Middlebrook and his business partner were asked to fund its research surveys are capped at $ 60 millionBut the inventor had read in the news about the operations of harvesting organs from tens of thousands of "prisoners of conscience" in prison for engaging in spiritual practice Falun Gong taking place in Chinese military hospitals, he also learned about the brutal torture in prisons and the continued repression by the country's leadership to towards the Chinese people. When reading this information Middlebrook firmly decided: "That's a foreign government poking our nose a huge sum of money. But then I read about all these horrors taking place in China. I thought, I will not do it. I can not take money from them. Regardless of the value of my technology, no matter how much they have to offer, Chinese money, I will not take. "
 Rockers, who did not shave for $ 1 million
Remember the ad «Gillette», in which men in towels shave after taking a shower? It is suitable for models, but it certainly has nothing to do with rock stars. The leader of the group «ZZ Top» Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill colleague offered $ 1 million if they sbreyut their beards, but they refused. To re-offer they will respond just as well.
"Even taking into account inflation, it will not work. The prospect of seeing myself in the mirror clean-shaven too much like a horror movie. This offer will never be seen, regardless of compensation "- said Gibbons.

The man, who did not want to work for $ 250 million
A lot of people are willing to kill, even for low-paying job, but this guy is not one of those! Greg Coffey did not go on about GLG - one of the largest hedge funds in Europe and refused to continue to work for them, though he were ready to provide stock, cash and other powerful incentives worth about $ 250 million in just a five-year contract extension.
Coffey - for several years, not the last person in the insurance market in London, but it was this loud refusal Australian made ​​known to all the world. Career Greg has allowed him to become the owner of the property, worth about $ 40 million, in which, among other things, includes a house in London, two mansions on the beach in Sydney, a chalet in Switzerland and an estate near London, so, apparently, he can afford to give up of such proposals.

  The preacher did not acquire millions of U.S. government  
This famous pastor Rick Warren, calling Christian organizations do not accept government assistance. Rick Warren is a preacher in the Church of the Community in the Valley Saddle, California, and is widely disclaims their church to take money from the state, claiming that all the Christian communities have to follow it if they really believe the gospel. Rick has repeatedly given an interview in which he claimed that he personally refused to accept millions of dollars intended for their joining the Obama administration, and earlier - President Bush: the funds should be directed to the charity, which is engaged in his Church throughout the world.
According to the beliefs of Warren, the rejection of the state of the material helps prevent the political pressure on the community, which may lead to a distortion of the meaning of Jesus' teachings of Christ. In addition, the government often provides funds only to provide the necessary reaction of religious organizations on the agenda - like the abortion issue, or the movement of gays and lesbians.