That Didn't Go As Planned (GIFs)

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That Didn't Go As Planned (GIFs) 

 Not As Planned: In The Face!  
We believe alcohol was involved in all of this.
Not As Planned: Rocket Attack

Not As Planned: Wow!
That didn't go how YOU planned.

 Not As Planned: Fire Jump
Yeah, that was not smart.

 Not As Planned: Going Skiing
No, you're not.

 Not As Planned: Not Amongst Friends
You plan to enjoy the game then find out your tickets are in the opposing team's section...

Not As Planned: Made It, Wait...
Up, up, and down.

 Not As Planned: Opening That Jacket
Oh yeah, oh yeah, OH NO.

 Not As Planned: Slam Dunk
You're suppose to dunk basketballs, not people.

 Not As Planned: Jumpin' Couches 
Check out my sweet juAHHHHHH!

Not As Planned: Bye, Lunch
Sneaky jerk.

 Not As Planned: Zip Line Jerkin'