Brad Pitt In A Quarter Century

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Brad Pitt In A Quarter Century

For this filmography, you'll see a continuation of the post, the changed over the last 24 years
famous actor Brad Pitt, from the movie "The Dark Side of the Sun"
filmed in 1988 and the last action with his participation at
the name "Casino Robbery", which was filmed in 2012 Hood.
Quite interesting to see how all these years not changed
only his stage, but as the years he changed Brad Pitt.

See World By The Other Eye

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Amazing Facts

Brain With Protons

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Anatoly P. Bugorsky - a man over the head of which was a beam of charged particles

World's Bibbest Biceps

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Mustafa Kamal - the owner of biggest biceps, triceps and arms
The Guinness World Records will register this in 2013

Unbelievable Friendship

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Amazingly, thanks man, large predators, which are likely to odds would in the wild, in captivity became best friends.

Few years ago the Georgian police released a lion, the tiger and the bear during an operation against drug dealers.Criminals keep animals as symbols of status.
At that time, animals were two months old. After liberation, they were moved to an animal rescue center "Noah's Ark", whose members have decided not to separate children.

Massive Arch Bridge

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Massive Arch Bridge
 Images by Jeroen Musch and NEXT Architects
The Melkwegbridge is located in Purmerend, the Netherlands. Is one of the most unique example of famous bridges around the world.

Test post

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Test Post