These Photos Are Full Of "What The Hell?"

 Win/Fail: Almost Had It
Bro, you got so close.
  Win/Fail: Twerk Fall
 Lock your doors if you're twerking!
Win/Fail: Slide Shot
That's a sweet shot.
 Win/Fail: One-Armed Push-Up
 Keep trying, lady
 Win/Fail: iBeer
 Win/Fail: Bunk Bed Fail
 No sleep for you.
 Win/Fail: Young Champion
 This kid is the next ping pong champion of the world! That's cool, right?
 Win/Fail: Up, Snap, Down, Smack
 Double fail for this kid.
 Win/Fail: Getting Out

Win/Fail: Win? Fail? Hot?
Oh, Bill Nye. You so hot.

Win/Fail: Welcome In!
Come to our place, please! 
Win/Fail: Wendy Peppercorn
We all wanted to be that kid.