Unsolved Mysteries Of The Past

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Unsolved Mysteries Of The Past

Neither one of us to unravel these mysteries, most likely, never will be able to:

shepherd's monument
This monument is located in Staffordshire (England) and now 250 years old is haunted by lovers of puzzles to solve. The fact that it bears the strange sequence of letters DOUOSVAVVM, which is not given to decipher. Fought over this encryption of such great minds as Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin.
Author inscription is unknown, but there is speculation that it had been left by the Knights Templar, and in it lies a clue as to the location of the Holy Grail.

 Mackenzie poltergeist
Mackenzie Poltergeist - one of the most documented paranormal phenomena in the world. He settled on Greyfriars Cemetery near Edinburgh (Scotland) and is associated with the name of ill lawyer George Mackenzie, who was responsible for the content of prisoners Covenanters Koy prison. Over the past 20 years poltergeist attack on the people hundreds of times, leaving their bodies on the cuts, bruises and abrasions. Many, approaching to the tomb with the body of "Bloody Mackenzie" fainted.
 The murder of "Black Dahlia"
This murder was one of the most brutal and mysterious crimes in history. "The Black Dahlia" was called 22-year-old aspiring actress Elizabeth Short. January 9, 1947, she came to "Baltimore hotel", where she was scheduled audition, and within hours had disappeared.On 15 January she was mutilated body was found on a derelict plot of land near the border city of Los Angeles. The killer ripped it in half, removed the genitals and nipples pierced mouth from ear to ear ...The investigation of the murder of "Black Dahlia" was the loudest, longest and largest in the history of American law enforcement dollars. It has been involved not only the Los Angeles Police Department, but the FBI.The media is constantly awash with "sensational" details, some were totally rigged. During the period of the investigation of the murder admitted about 60 people (including some women). 22 people in different periods of investigation declared the murderers of the "Black Dahlia." However, the killer Elizabeth Short was never found, and the case of the "Black Dahlia" remains unsolved to this day. In popular culture, this story has been used repeatedly. In 1987, the world saw the book "The Black Dahlia" by James Ellroy. In 2006 it was filmed, which was held in the Russian box called "The Black Dahlia."

Lal Bahadur Shastri
Prime Minister of the Republic of India Lal Bahadur Shastri died on January 11, 1966 in Tashkent. This happened after the banquet, which successfully closed the negotiations between India and Pakistan. Due to the bluish hue of the deceased immediately suspect in the poisoning. The case threatens to become a serious international scandal. The investigation was conducted in strict secrecy, and its results still do not really know.
 Taos hum
For many years, residents of the city of Taos (New Mexico) heard wafting from the desert strange hum, reminiscent of the sound of a passing train. No one still does not know what is it and where does. Despite the fact that people clearly hear this hum, no technique does not catch it.

  The mystery death of the ship SS Ourang Medan
This story took place in 1947. Two heading to Malaysia American ship was a signal SOS. About pleaded with the crew member in distress Dutch ship. The man cried the captain, assistants and all the crew are dead. Then he heard a strange noise and the last words: "I die." SilverStar ship sailed to the rescue. Upon arrival, the rescue team has not found aboard any living person. All of the victims on their faces frozen look of horror. Even the dog died a horrible grin on his face. Then in the cargo bay fire broke out, and rescuers had to evacuate. Shortly thereafter, on Ourang Medan explosion and sank. Versions of the death of SS Ourang Medan, opinions range: ghosts, dangerous chemicals, the aliens ... But what's really happened, we will never know for sure not.

Aluminum wedge of Ayuda
In 1974, Romanian workers digging a trench near Ayud and at a depth of 10 meters came across three sites. Two of them were the bones of a prehistoric elephant that about 2.5 million years old.But the most curious was the third object: an aluminum wedge. This finding has puzzled researchers since the aluminum was not discovered until 1808, and the age of the wedge, given that he was in a single layer with the remains of an extinct animal, can not be less than 11,000 years old. Ufologists immediately announced that artifact direct evidence of visits to Earth "little green men". Like it or not, it is unlikely anyone will be able to say with complete confidence.