Random Celeb Beauty Lines You’ve Never Heard Of
We're more than familiar with these famous faces, but who knew they had their own beauty lines? Click through to see the surprising roster of celebrities pitching products. 

It's pretty common knowledge that Gisele Bündchen is a Victoria's Secret Angel, but did you know she is also the founder of a skin care line? Sejaa Pure Skincare is a line of masks and creams that uses all-natural ingredients and are eco-friendly. The brand began in 2010, and according to Forbes, it has been in talks with Shiseido on an acquisition deal. 

The World's Most Powerful Families

They are some of the most powerful families in the world. No, they need not control an entire country nor are their fingers at the trigger of some of the most powerful weapons in the world. But they have been extremely successful, and in so doing, we mere mortals find ourselves being influenced whether explicitly or tacitly by what they do and what they have to say. These are ten of the most powerful families in the world.

1. Rothschild
They are some of the most powerful families in the world. No, they need not control an entire country nor are their fingers at the trigger of some of the most powerful weapons in the world. But they have been extremely successful, and in so doing, we mere mortals find ourselves being influenced whether explicitly or tacitly by what they do and what they have to say. These are ten of the most powerful families in the world.

The Lifestyle Of The Owners Of The Facebook

Facebook was first launched in February 2004 and operated with the company name “Facebook, Inc.” Based on 2012 records, Facebook already has over a billion active users, where more than half visit the site through their respective mobile phones. Facebook allowed users to create their own personal profiles, update it, and add other people as their friends. They can then exchange messages or chat with friends. Users can also create groups, fan pages or a business page for that matter. The site was surely a big hit most especially for the young generation.
 But who actually were the brains behind this amazing networking site and where are they now? To find out, here are some facts about the Facebook owners and their lifestyles.

Young And Attractive Angelina Jolie

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Young And Attractive Angelina Jolie

10 Most Expensive Weddings Of The World

1. Wedding Anish Mittal and Amit Bhatia took place in 2005 and cost the love with $ 60 million. The couple spent a holiday in Paris, and was invited to a celebration of about 1,000 people. And the invitations were uneasy, and poured out the silver casket. At the concert, his voice a pleasing Kylie Minogue. During the wedding, guests drank about 5,000 bottles of wine Château Mouton-Rothschild and ate more than ten kilograms of caviar.

Beyonce Knowles Biography: Her Rise To Fame

Who is Beyonce 
Beyonce is an American singer and songwriter. She’s famous for her solo career as well as her work with Destiny’s Child. She also recently took over the Superbowl Half Time Show.

Google's Vivid Munich Office

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Google's Vivid Munich Office 
The colorful and stunning interiors of Google's Munich office.

Creative wallpapers and and long corridors are the highlight of Google's Munich office.

Top 10 Biggest & Most Lavish Royal Weddings

Marriage is a social ceremony that ties two people together in one bond. There have been many royal marriages remembered till date by the people. As the growing publicity of television and media the royal weddings have caught the attention of many people all over the globe. The most desirable place for the Royal wedding has been London. So here we have the list of the biggest royal weddings witnessed throughout the world.

10. Queen Beatrix (Netherlands)
Crowned as the queen of Netherlands she got married on 10 March in the year 1966 to Claus von Amsberg. The crowd did not support the royal wedding though and there was a big demonstration in Amsterdam i.e. is the wedding day. When Queen Juliana stepped down from the throne on April 30 1980, Beatrix became the renowned queen of the Netherlands.  Prince Claus was known to work as Nazis and was linked as Dutch who followed German Nazism. There was a aggressive battle caused on the street when a smoke bomb was dropped on the carriage of wedding. But as the time passed Prince Claus became one of the most loved members in Dutch Monarchy. He died in 2002 and many people wept over his death.

The World's Most terrifying Bridges

Langkawi Sky Bridge - Malaysia 
Langkawi Sky Bridge is located at 2300 feet above sea level. This unique, curved pedestrian bridge stands at 410 feet above a spectacular gorge. The view from the bridge is simply breathtaking. You can see Andaman Sea and Thai island of Tarutao from it. The bridge is 6 feet wide and it has 11- feet- wide triangular platforms. When you stand on other bridges you always see the same things generally, but this arched bridge provides different views of land and sea. You can sit, relax and admire the spectacular nature and incredible engineering enterprise from the convenient triangular platforms which are located at both ends of the bridge.

Celebrities In Tiny Shorts

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Celebrities In Tiny Shorts

Britney Spears and boyfriend David Lucado are seen grocery shopping at Ralphs in Agoura Hills, Calif. on April 13, 2013.

World's Richest Women In 2013

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World's Richest Women In 2013
More women have joined the ranks of the world's wealthiest, but as a group females still hold a small sliver of total 10-figure fortunes. Of the 1,426 people on the new 2013 Forbes list of the World's Billionaires, just 138 are women. That's up from 104 women last year.

  Liliane Bettencourt 
 Net worth: $30 billion 
Country: France 
Source of wealth: L'Oreal 
At age 90, Liliane Bettencourt is the world's richest woman, and enters the top ten list of the world's wealthiest people for the first time since 1999. She and her family own over 30% of L'Oreal, which her father founded. 

10 Criminal Animals

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10 Criminal Animals

There are times when the police have to rescue people from dangerous animals, say, accidentally escape to freedom snake or a tiger escaped from the zoo. Here you'll find 10 stories of the animals that have come to a completely different situation - they were "arrested" for the specific offense of vagrancy to espionage.

Google Co-Founder Spotted Wearing Augmented Reality Glasses

Last week, Google sent out an email to developers, inviting them to a pair of hackathons in New York and San Francisco. Here, Google hopes these developers will help them figure out what they should do with their Google Glass idea. Yesterday, one blogger just so happened to recognize 

Landslide In The Career Of The World's Largest Copper

Powerful landslides occurred on April 11 in Bingham Canyon - the largest copper career world, which is located in Utah, USA. Fortunately, no one was hurt, despite the fact that at this time in his career was already 1400 people. In this technique has been covered, the buildings collapsed, the road was also destroyed. What is the most unpleasant thing that landslide has not stopped, however, may be coming more new destruction.

Crazy Extreme, As The Meaning Of Life

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Crazy Extreme, As The Meaning Of Life

Some people never have enough bright and extreme emotions that have fueled their adrenaline every day.
These people called - adrenaline junkies who for the next dose of thrills are ready for everything.
I suggest you look further at the thrills and crazy extreme, which is needed so people no less than the air.

Girl's Head Is 2 Times Greater Than Its Actual

 18-month-old Indian girl is doomed to terrible suffering and impending death because her parents are too poor and can not provide a cure. Children and the faint of heart do not watch!

Mysterious Circles In The Grasslands Of Africa

In the meadows of southern Africa are thousands of barren land called "Circles of fairies."
They reach a size of 2 to 15 meters in diameter, and are among the vegetation. Such circles are found in Angola, South Africa and Namibia.

Billionaire Private Islands

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Billionaire Private Islands
Owning a private island is something very few people can even dream of. But some of the super-rich not only own a slice of paradise, they’ve also managed to turn these exotic destinations into a lucrative business opportunity. 

Lanai, Hawaii
Owner: Larry Ellison
Purchase price: $500-$600 million 
Tech titan Larry Ellison’s purchase of 98 percent of Hawaii’s sixth largest island — Lanai — is considered among the most expensive in the world.  Ellison — the third richest person in the U.S. and sixth richest in the world according to Forbes — bought Lanai in June from David Murdock, the billionaire behind Dole Foods. The 141 square-mile island is known for its pineapple fields and is home to 3,000 people. Tourists visit the island for its two Four Seasons resorts, golf courses and luxury housing. Oracle co-founder Ellison now owns the two luxury resorts as part of his share of the island, while the remaining two percent is owned by private residents and the local government.  
As part of the sale agreement, former owner Murdock retains the right to develop a 200-megawatt wind power project on northwestern Lanai. That has faced stiff resistance from locals concerned about the operation disturbing archeological sites and displacing native birds. Residents have been vocal in their demands that Ellison respect the island’s native history and artifacts in his future development plans. 

The Plane Crashed Into The Sea, But No One Died

On Saturday in Bali while landing a Boeing 737 900 ER, carrying on different data was between 108 and 172 people missed by the runway and crashed into the sea. The reason for this oversight could be a strong equatorial rain. As a result of the fall of the fuselage is almost broken down into two parts. As a result, more than 20 people were injured, but fortunately, no one passenger died.

Ice Cream From Breast Milk

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Ice Cream From Breast Milk

Manufacturer of ice cream and a bar Icecreamists, located in Covent Garden, in 2011, released the ice cream from breast milk of women called Baby Gaga.

 Victoria Haley, initiator of Baby Gaga, collected 30 fluid ounces of milk - enough to make the first 50 servings. 1 ounce is equal to 0.03 liters. The company sought out women who can provide them with breast milk and paid £ 15 for every ten ounces extracted using breast pump. Health lactating women who take the milk for the ice cream, it is checked in the same way as that of the blood donors. In the milk added Madagascan vanilla and lemon zest, and then this mixture turned into ice cream.

New Guinness World Records 2013 Part 2

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New Guinness World Records 2013 Part 2

Since 1951, the Guinness World Records have been the premiere source to find out who's the tallest, the oldest, the most unique and strangest. People around the globe are continually trying to get listed in Guinness, and you wouldn't believe some of the things they're willing to do to become famous. Guinness does not offer payment of ay kind to those who set a world record, just official documentation of the feat.

Pin head
Wei Shengchu inserted 1,200 needles into his head but was still 590 short of the world record for self-acupuncturing. We're thinking he ran out of room on his head, but what's 590 more when you've got over a thousand already in?

7 Typographical Errors, Which Cost Millions
Errors that are treated in a very large sums do not necessarily have to be clearly visible.
This can be a hyphen, a particle, the missing letter, a translation error or defect in the print shop.
The damage from even one of these little things can reach astronomical sums of several hundred million dollars.
NASA lost the hyphen
The damage: $ 80 million 
The hyphen - is not the most important punctuation mark, but in 1962 his absence
in the code-board computer cost NASA $ 80 million. We are talking about the launch of the guide
to Venus spacecraft "Mariner-1", which is due to small mistakes out of control
and was destroyed by 293 seconds after launch. British writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke
wrote a few years, Mariner 1 was "destroyed by the most expensive hyphen in history."

The Unluckiest Persons In The World

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The Most Unluckiest Persons In The World

The People Who Have Strangest Addictions

Take a look at some of the strangest addictions in the list at the top of this article.

Urine drinker
Meet Carrie, a woman who is addicted to drinking her own urine. She has consumed over 900 gallons of her own urine over the four year period of her addiction.

The Top 10 Smartest People In The World

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The Top 10 Smartest People In The World

The human brain is a mysterious and powerful part of a human’s body. Everything else cannot function without the brain; nothing will ever make sense without the human mind. It has always been a wonder how the brain functions and why humans have varying levels of intelligence. Some are just more intelligent than the others, and some just have IQ levels that the simple mind cannot fathom. One cannot help but be in awe with the top 10 people with the highest IQ’s.

10. Stephen Hawking
A man of Science, a cosmologist, and a theoretically physicist, Stephen Hawking has never failed to amaze everyone with his impressive IQ of 160. He was born in Oxford, England in 1942. In spite of having amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), he has proven how his mind can overpower his condition. His notable IQ has made him go bigger than his paralysis. His contribution to Science and Cosmology is unparalleled as he used quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity in introducing cosmology to everyone. In 2009, Hawking was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest award that can be granted to an American civilian. 

Tour Of The Solar System

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Tour Of The Solar System

The highest velocity in the universe - the speed of light, approximately 1 billion km / h for 1 year light overcomes length 9 760 800 000 000 km. Record speed of the spacecraft 240 thousand km / h was set US-German solar probe "Helios-B", launched January 15, 1976 Mr. The average speed of the car 100km/hour Average speed of a person walking 6 km per hour. To understand what distance separates us from cosmic objects will go to them in these three ways.
1. The first object in space, of course moon.
Just one hour it will take our journey on the probe, "Helios-B" On the car journey stretched to 160 days, nearly half a year, and 5 years, we will walk.

The Most Ridiculous Death Of The 20th Century
Do people have an unhealthy tendency to say, people like to talk about the cases of strange deaths. Yes, I do, very much so. Because I know that, why do not you submit this list of the most ridiculous Death of the 20th century. Remove the veil of mystery!
Ray Chapman
Ray Chapman was an outstanding player shortstop (part of the baseball field between second and third base) in a team Cleveland Indians, Ohio, is the only professional baseball player who died, taking the pitch. It was "spitbol" welcome, especially when the ball stain, wipe something or otherwise modify. Rumored that Chapman did not see the approaching ball.
Pitcher (serving in baseball) Team Yankee Carl Mays performed a high pitch, and the ball went straight into the left temple Chapman, uttering a loud sound that Mays took first (and understandably so) for banging beats. Chapman fell to the ground, he tried to get up, but on the way to the dugout (bench under a canopy at the edge of the baseball field, where during a match are replacement players and coach) fell again and never woke up.
Mace's nothing accused, but baseball players officially banned the use of spitbol but recognized pitchers who have used this technique throughout his sports career. These players have come under "Dedov article" seems to be as it is called, although we are not experts in matters of sport. But, oddly enough, did not vatinovye helmets mandatory until 1971.

Painting On Coffee

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Painting On Coffee

Scarlett Johansson For Marie Claire Magazine

The 10 Women Men Desire Most

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The 10 Women Men Desire Most 

We got AskMen.com to share the results of their annual poll on the 99 most desirable women in the world with us. This year the guys confessed exactly what makes these ladies so damn hot. Their answers might shock you...some of them sure as hell surprised us. Check out the top 10 desired female celebs, as chosen by six million voters.

10. Miranda Kerr
Why Men Say She's Hot: "In addition to her gorgeous looks and sultry demeanor, Miranda Kerr reportedly breaks the supermodel stereotype by being quite friendly. Throw in the fact that she's not afraid to bare her upper body for the 2010 Pirelli calendar, and she might just be one of our favorite Victoria's Secret Angels of all time."

Margaret Thatcher - "The Iron Lady" Life In Pictures

Margaret Thatcher, who was known to the world as the "Iron Lady", died yesterday of a stroke on 88-year life. Massive brain hemorrhage cut short the life of the first woman who became British Prime Minister. The list of achievements of Margaret Thatcher will remain forever in the hearts of the inhabitants of England, and the years of her reign (1979 to 1990) will still be remembered for many generations of Britons. In the sequel, you will learn about the most important facts of the history of this legendary woman.

Margaret Thatcher was the British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.

The Horrible Looks Of Beautiful Stars

Mila Kunis
All the stars are accustomed to seeing TV screens with perfect faces and professional makeup.
But you just imagine what would happen if they wash away with all the make-up;)
So, we look further to the collection of comparative pictures of celebrities before and after make-up.

The Highest Lift In The World

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The Highest Lift In The World

The highest lift in the world is in China, and it is called "Baylong."
His second name - "Lift the Hundred Dragons" and, trust me on this, ride it decides not everyone.
The main objective of "Baylonga" - to raise the tourists to a height of 330 meters on the wall of sandstone. The elevator car is made entirely of transparent glass, so called from inside a chic look!
In the cabin can hold up to 50 people, and an hour of work, he is able to lift to a height of 330 meters in 1380.

20 Hyper-Realistic Paintings Conquered The Internet

Increasingly, the Web so there are works by artists giperrealista.
Sometimes it is hard to distinguish them from the pictures.

Hollywood's Biggest Stars Are Actually Quite Short
When it comes down to it, talent doesn't discriminate against anyone's vertical nature. And sometimes, a shorter stature helps a star be memorable either in a certain role on screen, or just as a pint-sized paparazzi magnet. 

 Mila Kunis
Mila may be one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but did you know the star is only 5' 4"?
Of her own height Kunis says: "My friends call me hobbit. I come across shorter than I am. People will say, 'You're not five foot four.' And I'll say, 'People, I know my height.' I'm constantly winning bets - hundreds of dollars."
Here she attends the UK film premiere of 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' in London, England.

Top 10 Interesting Stories Of Sacrifice

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Top 10 Interesting Stories Of Sacrifice
A very touching and true stories about
how brave people brought their lives in sacrifice for the salvation of anyone.

Maximilian Kolbe 
In 1941, the Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe was in Auschwitz.
Once one of the prisoners had fled, and the deputy camp commandant selected ten prisoners
who had to pay for it - to die of starvation. One of the doomed - the Polish sergeant Frantisek Gaevnichek, began to weep, calling out the names of his wife and children. Then Kolbe came out and offered his life in exchange for a life Gaevnicheka. His sacrifice was accepted. In the terrible stinking place where cast all ten to die, Kolbe continued to maintain their own misery - prayer and songs. Three weeks later, he was still alive, and the Nazis decided to bring him a lethal injection.
In 1982, Maximilian Kolbe canonized.

New Guinness World Records 2013

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New Guinness World Records 2013

People continue to surprise the world and to set new records. It's about the Guinness world record will be discussed in this article. New records that are awarded inclusion in the famous book
Guinness waiting for you in the sequel.
 The heaviest female athlete
Sharran Alexander, a native of London, got into the Guinness Book of Records,
as the heaviest woman athlete. Her weight reached 203.21 per kg. Due to its weight, a woman much reached in the Sumo.

Celebrities Exposed In Embarrassing Photos
Gotchya! Sure, we're used to seeing the stars ooze glamour on the red carpet, but it turns out these celebrities aren't so perfect after all. They might put on a good face for photographers, but even the world's most beautiful people are bound to have an "oops" moment eventually -- and when that happens you can bet the paparazzi is nearby to capture it. From bad hair days to weird blemishes to stars stuffing their faces, check out Hollywood's hottest at their worst.
Eva Mendes in New York City
Oops! Eva Mendes accidentally gave photographers an eyeful when exiting her car on March 27, 2013. All we have to say is good thing the "Place Behind the Pines" actress was wearing underwear

Emma Watson For GQ UK May 2013

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Emma Watson For GQ UK May 2013

The 22-year-old, who appears on the cover of the latest edition of GQ magazine, says there's one topic men should steer clear of if they want to win her affections
The British actress is frequently listed as one of the sexiest women in the world.

Angelina & Lady Gaga's Financial Records Exposed By The hacker

 Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga have been hacked and have joined the growing list of targeted celebrities. TMZ reports on April 2 that their financial records have been exposed on a website by the hackers who previously targeted Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama and others. The Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga hackings are allegedly being carried out by the same group of people.

If You Are In The World Wonders

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If You Are In The World Wonders

 If you are in the world wonders - Jiuzhaigou should be among them, because nowhere else in the world no longer has such a fabulous fusion of natural beauty and cleanliness! Everyone who enters the valley of Jiuzhaigou think he falls into a dreamlike, unreal world

30 Stunning Creative Ideas For Creative Furniture

A selection of furniture of all kinds of unusual materials and improvised.
Each of these works has different interesting ideas that you can apply yourself.

The Most Religious Celebrities

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The Most Religious Celebrities

Religion in Hollywood is very much black and white. We have those celebrities that are highly public about their religion and then we have those that have zero to say about the topic. Maybe it’s because openly expressing one’s religion can stir up controversy. Or maybe it’s that fact that it’s a delicate and personal matter. We all know about the celebrities that stay mute when the topic of religion comes up, but what about those famous people that don’t? The ones that actually take pride in their beliefs and values. Most of us know about Tom Cruise and his belief in the spirit-not the body and mind. Or how about the Jonas Brothers and the headlines they made for taking a vow of chastity? More celebrities than we think have no shame in their religion and are proud to make it known. Here is a list of the celebrities that live their lives according to a religion.

Beyonce Knowles grew up as a Methodist Christian, but considers herself to be more "spiritual" than religious. 

How A Real Estate Tycoon Lives

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How A Real Estate Tycoon Lives
Commercial real estate magnate Don Abbey custom-built two twin mansions for himself in Southern California and Montana--each cost $78 million--then decided to put them both on the market. This is the home in Bradbury, California.

Commercial real estate magnate Don Abbey custom-built two twin mansions for himself in Southern California and Montana--each cost $78 million--then decided to put them both on the market. This is the home in Bradbury, California.

Hollywood’s 5 Biggest Fools

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Hollywood’s 5 Biggest Fools

April isn't the only month for fools in Hollywood … some act like that 365 days a year.
It was tough to pick just five to celebrate April Fools' Day, but we narrowed it down to those who have been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons these first few months of 2013.
Based on the evidence, here are the five biggest celebrity fools:

Lindsay Lohan
Forget an Oscar, if there was an award for best drama queen, LiLo would smoke the competition. Since the year kicked off, omg! has been covering her for lots of reasons, none of them positive. In mid-January, the 26-year-old unceremoniously fired longtime lawyer Shawn Holley amid a reported $150,000 in unpaid legal bills and instead hired New York-based Mark Jay Heller, whose "competency" was later called into question by a judge. Just before a January 30 mandatory pre-trial hearing for her June 2012 car crash, the actress claimed to be too sick to fly cross-country, even though she had been photographed shopping and smoking days before. But after being threatened with an arrest warrant, she made the trek with just hours to spare.

World's 8 Expensive Luxury Brands

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World's 8 Expensive Luxury Brands

With Chinese demand for luxury goods still white hot, Interbrand saw the luxury sector make large gains in its annual ranking of best global brands. Who tops the luxury list? Read on.

8. Ralph Lauren (United States) 

Position in Global 100: 91 // Value: $4.038 billion  

An iconic fashion brand that embodies timeless style, Ralph Lauren excels at creating stories around its merchandise by using technology and creativity. Making its first reappearance in the top 100 since 2009, Ralph Lauren’s record brand growth in the past year can be attributed to highly innovative communication patterns and consistency across all touchpoints and formats. At the forefront of the digital movement since the beginning, the brand saw the digital revolution as an opportunity to tell a story online when many fashion retailers saw the internet as a threat to store sales. Over the years, Ralph Lauren has invested heavily in video, editorial content, a Minority Report-inspired interactive store window, mobile apps, and a 4D “visual feast” in the streets of London and New York fusing art, fashion, and technology. Most recently, the brand used Fashion Week as an opportunity to buy out all the ad space in The New York Times iPad app for the entire month of September.