Five gadgets Of The 1970s That Changed Life As We Know It

We recently listed significant gadgets of the 1980s and 1990s. If you think the gadgets we listed on those lists would make today's kids laugh, wait until you see our list for the 1970s.

 The SX-70 was the first mainstream Polaroid camera for consumers. It allowed you to take pictures and see them developed right in front of your eyes. The film, however, was quite expensive.

 In 1977, Apple introduced the first mainstream home computer system. The Apple II was both big in price and size. It used (cough) floppy disks for storage.

In 1977, Mattel introduced its electronic Football game and had kids all over addicted to dots and lines that intercepted each other. Mattel sold millions of units of its first foray into Football.

Milton Bradley's Operation became mainstream in the 1970s and its relevance lasted way into the 1980s. If you didn't remove a body part correctly, you would hear a loud buzz and the patient's red nose would light up.

In late 1975, Atari released its home version of Pong and it has become a cult favorite ever since. Atari sold millions of units and followed up Pong with the Atari 2600.