Top 10 Worst Cases Of Sleepwalking
We read on a few horror stories about people unconsciously lunacy that led to a frightening consequences. In fact, walking in a dream can end quite unpleasant or even with very serious consequences. Read.
 Kenneth Parks
Immediately start with the most famous cases of sleepwalking-crime. Kenneth - Canadian who began to suffer from insomnia in their 20s. She had developed after he lost his job and has amassed a lot of debt on gambling. May 23, 1987, Parks got up, drove 10 kilometers to his wife's parents' home, killed and wounded a mother-in-law. After that, he himself went to the police in the same state of sleepwalking. The court believed, and experts confirmed that Kenneth could do it in his sleep, in connection with which he was found not guilty.

"Nameless" Australian woman
A woman from Australia suffered lunacy. Although this case is not so much information, but here's what we know. The woman had a boyfriend, but she regularly got up, went out of his house and had sex with strange men to her. This occurred in a few months. At first no one knew what was happening and why so many homes around the condom, but the boyfriend woke up one night and found next to her beloved. After a brief search, he found her in the street when she was half asleep having sex with a stranger. Fortunately, it healed ...
 Timothy Brueggeman
Timothy Brueggeman of northern Wisconsin, is the only person on this list who has no history of sleepwalking, but rather suffered from terrible insomnia for many years. One summer, he drove his pickup truck on a tree after falling asleep at the wheel. After that, the doctors prescribed him a sleeping pill Ambien. Although this drug has been linked to hundreds of cases of sleepwalking, its manufacturers claim that the drug is perfectly safe, but if you take it correctly. In January 2009, however, Brueggeman, after taking the pills for the first time, and then how would be the last time, went lunatit. He left the house in his underwear when the street was so cold ... The next morning, and found it in his shorts frozen in the snow not far from the house.
 James Currens
James Currens was a lunatic for a long time, but it was the most terrible experience when he was 77. In 1998, he got up and left the house, taking with him only a cane ... And it probably saved his life. After leaving the house, he recovered in the side of the pond, but got stuck in the mud. Waking up, he found himself surrounded by alligators and only a walking stick and loud cries, which also attracted the police, helped him survive.
 Jules Lowe (Jules Lowe)
In 2003, the Edward Lowe was found dead in his garden. Death came 83-year-old man after a terrible beating. A neighbor noticed the body of Edward on the road and went to the police, who arrested the son of the man, Jules. Father and son drank the night before, but the cause of the tragedy was not alcohol, and sleepwalking. The family had a long history of Lowe's sleepwalking, and everyone knew that all the attacks were caused by alcohol. At trial, his defense lawyers have built only on this one. And he was acquitted ...
 Jan Luedecke
Jan Luedecke of Toronto, was at the party. After a heavy night of drinking, he fell asleep on the couch. A few hours later, he was awakened by an unknown guy. It turned out that Ian raped the girl in the dream, so he told the guy, but Yang did not believe until he went into the bath and found a condom, which he was wearing on him. The court initially skeptical of his defense, and even the doctor was not on his side. But he was saved from the prison is one of the ex-girlfriends, who told that Yang after drinking becomes a lunatic-sex maniac.
 An unidentified 15-year-old girl
The guy was walking home at 2 am in the town of Dulwich, England. On the way, he noticed a girl who was sleeping in one pajamas on one of the flights of the crane. He called the fire brigade and ambulance. Physicians were asked not to touch her, and firefighters were already aware of the fact that some parents reported the missing daughter, who suffered lunacy. Fortunately Woman gently removed with a crane, but it was at the height of 40 meters no one will ever know.
Leslie Cusack (Lesley Cusack)
Leslie Cusack 55-year-old woman from Cheshire, England. This is one of those girls that is, after six in the evening and after midnight ... And while doing all of this in a dream. She cooks in a dream, uses a gas stove in a dream, and eats a lot of food, yes, in a dream. First, do not know why she puts on weight, but then everything fell into place. Now she is undergoing treatment for sleepwalking. We hope all will be well with her
 Stuart Miller (Stuart Miller)
Sleepwalking is more common in children than in adults. About 17% of children aged 4-8 years have at least one experience of sleepwalking. With age, the rate drops to 5%. Stuart Miller was 8 years old when it happened with this case. One night in September 1993, Stewart began his adventure. He lived in an apartment in a building on the fourth floor, and that night, he "escaped" from the bedroom window. The court made ​​the building owner to pay $ 2 million to the victim, to replace the windows, which had no protection. Stewart survived, but for life was confined to a wheelchair.
 Robert Ledru (Robert Ledru)
Robert Ledru was one of the best detectives in France in the 19th century. He lived in Paris and once in the morning he was summoned to investigate the murder of Andre Monet. By all indications, shot a professional, but also Robert found that the killer took his own toe, and did so from the same weapon ... It was strange, but the strange thing was that ...... On the morning of Robert Ledru woke up in shoes with a bloody finger, and his revolver was missing a few rounds. To his horror, he realized that he had killed Monet at a time when lunatil. Another interesting fact is that sleepwalking is believed to have been caused by the presence of syphilis in Robert. It is clear that the French police refused to accept this theory, when Ledru turned himself in, so they decided to conduct an experiment.They placed him in a cell for a night of observation. And on the first night, and he actually started lunatit. The next day, they put a gun next to him. Robert woke up at night, took the gun and began to "shoot" by the guards. The police decided that he could not be held accountable for their actions, but still a danger to society. So he was sent to a farm in the countryside, where he lived for the last 50 years of his life with the guards and nurse.