The Most Profitable Stars Of The Decade
The publication Huffington Post was rated the most commercially successful Hollywood celebrities for the last 10 years
 The ranking were fabulous actors Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe

 Second place is left for the eccentric Robert Downey Jr., and the main "nutritionist Hollywood" Gwyneth Paltrow through franchise "Iron Man" and "Avengers."

 The rankings are absolutely transparent. The drafters of the list selected the most successful stars and found out what kind of pictures with their participation at the box office gained more than $ 200 million. Orlando Bloom ("Pirates of the Caribbean," "The Lord of the Rings") climbed to third place.

 Many stars were at the stern of the top ten. Do not hit Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman and Liam Nisson. We are waiting for a revenge movie veterans in the next decade, although young people openly comes on the heels. Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - Twilight trio fell just short of third place.

 Alain Delon Australian Chris Hemsworth took fifth place in films planet Marvell: "Thor," "The Avengers," "Thor 2". And this fall, Chris may appear on the screen in the form of the iconic racer, "Formula 1" James Hunt in a drama called "Race."

 A rare case when the high box office coincide with paintings of great artistic value. Tom Hanks was virtually no failures movies, that is why it is called the "golden boy" and two Oscar proof. Deserved 6th place.

 Australian actress Cate Blanchett known for the films "The Lord of the Rings," "The Aviator," "Elizabeth" was ahead of many of its competitors, taking seventh place. At the same time, she manages to work a lot in the theater. One of the last roles was HELENA actress in the play "Uncle Vanya."

 Also in the top ten were profitable stars James Franco.

 Mark Ruffalo

 Closed the top ten profitable Hollywood celebrity Keira Knightley ("Pirates of the Caribbean"). In addition to the blockbuster actress has a weakness for Russian classics, she played in "Doctor Zhivago" and "Anna Karenina."