If You Are In The World Wonders

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If You Are In The World Wonders

 If you are in the world wonders - Jiuzhaigou should be among them, because nowhere else in the world no longer has such a fabulous fusion of natural beauty and cleanliness! Everyone who enters the valley of Jiuzhaigou think he falls into a dreamlike, unreal world

 Anyone who even once visited the Valley of the nine villages, I want to go back here again - who did not want to come back to a place where you feel like in a dream?)

This difficult region was officially opened only in 1972. Since 1982, the Valley became a national park.

 Jiuzhaigou is translated from the Chinese - "Valley of the nine villages" (or "valley of nine villages"). In fact, the valley has 9 Tibetan villages, seven of which are still inhabited. The most visited among them - Hye Ye, Shu Zheng and Ze Cha Wa. Recently, local residents earn their living by selling to tourists of various products of own production, as to cultivate the land in the national park was prohibited.

 The territory of Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve covers more than 600 square kilometers, 52% of the area is covered with virgin forests, bamboo groves, wild herbs and flowers. It is home to such rare animals like the panda and golden monkey. Jiuzhaigou includes three giant lowlands, which because of its size is also called valleys. This Valley Rise, Zečevo and Shuchzheng. Nature has generously endowed Shuzhen, Zhitsze and Tszechava 108 wonderful lakes, beautifully connecting numerous waterfalls and streams, and made every corner of this 50-kilometer gorge irresistible to its original beauty.

Legend has it that in heaven there is a pond with a five-door water "Yao Chi." But this is just a fairy tale. And in Jiuzhaigou You can see for such a pond is one part - blue, the other - the green, and the third - yellow, and even silver and purple ... When the wind blows, these dyes moved. It is said that this goddess washes in the pond, and their blush stained water, but in fact this phenomenon is easily explained - all the fault colorful algae that give him such a range of colors)

 As of 1997, resided in the valley of one thousand people. The park is home to rare species of animals, such as giant pandas and golden snub-nosed monkey. The reserve's flora is also unique: here, for example, have remained endemic species of rhododendron and bamboo.

Among the main attractions of these places - Ancient Forest, Swan Lake (which is also called the length - it stretches over 2 km in length), Grass Lake (so named because of its surface is covered with vegetation), lakes and waterfalls Pandas (two-colored lake a three-level cascading waterfalls), Lake Five Tsvetkov (shallow lake, the water in which different shades), Mirror Lake (absolutely quiet lake, reflecting the beauty of the natural environment).

lake of the Tiger

Even more beautiful is the Lake "Uhuahay." It concludes with three sides of the mountain in his arms. The shape of the lake looks like a gourd, delivered upside down, and with his mouth mottled water flows continuously. It is very interesting that the form of the ten-"gourd" reminds deer leg. It is said that this is the spirit of the mountains to hunt knocked beautiful spotted deer.

The lakes lie quietly and firmly in the green forests. And the sound of waterfalls leads you to another world. Waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou is also peculiar. For example, a waterfall Nozhiran, which rushes down through the trees. Its width is over 100 meters through thick willows as it flows through the green wall, and at the roots passes between them through the thick branches like a comb. But the most unusual waterfall is a waterfall Chzhenchzhutan. At the top of the rock is a threshold, which hit him on the water, forming a plurality of smaller waterfalls and swift streams, he falls down in these water pearls.

waterfall Pandas
At the top of 3000 meters above sea level, is the largest lake in Jiuzhaigou - Lake "Changhai" next to it - snowy mountain. The world does not know about it until the 70s. Summer is very pleasant to swim in this lake by boat, and in spring and autumn in his water beautifully reflected flowers, red leaves and white mountains, in winter, the ice covers the lake surface ...

Jiuzhaigou spring

Jiuzhaigou autumn

Jiuzhaigou Valley in winter snow and a long one. Usually it lasts for six months - from October to April. In winter the valley is hidden by snow, lakes blocked with ice and frozen waterfalls, turning into ice sculptures.