Margaret Thatcher - "The Iron Lady" Life In Pictures

Margaret Thatcher, who was known to the world as the "Iron Lady", died yesterday of a stroke on 88-year life. Massive brain hemorrhage cut short the life of the first woman who became British Prime Minister. The list of achievements of Margaret Thatcher will remain forever in the hearts of the inhabitants of England, and the years of her reign (1979 to 1990) will still be remembered for many generations of Britons. In the sequel, you will learn about the most important facts of the history of this legendary woman.

Margaret Thatcher was the British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.

Margaret Hilda Roberts was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, in 1925 in the family of a local grocer.

In 1951, she held a wedding with businessman Denis Thatcher, but then she began to prepare
the exam to practice in private law practice. In 1953, she became a lawyer and his mother,
She gave birth to twins Mark and Carol.

In this photo Margaret Thatcher speaks with a chimney sweep in Dartford during the election campaign on the seat in Parliament in 1951, which she lost. In that year, it was not included in the Parliament, but In 1959 she succeeded, she won a place on the Conservative Party.

Mrs. Thatcher is on the street Downing Street in 1979, she was the first female prime minister of Great Britain. She promised that the Conservative Party will cut income tax, state. consumption,
and facilitate the purchase of private property.

As prime minister Margaret Thatcher got her the nickname "Iron Lady."

 During her work, she has repeatedly stressed its nickname.
For example during the war against Argentina in the fight for the Falkland Islands.

She survived the attack in 1984: then the IRA blew up the hotel "Brighton"
where she lived during the Conservative Party conference. The blast struck the chimney.
Killed five people.

Mrs. Thatcher was a good friend of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, which is considered his political ally. After his death, she called Reagan the greatest American who "won the Cold War."

But there were also failures in the work, it has caused controversy in the Conservative Party
about Europe and the poll tax.

The political career ended in 1990, it also sent her own party to resign. After that, she returned to Downing Street, 10, and soon left the residence in front of the famous in the national press. There were no tears.

Although the Conservative Party has gone through some minor unpleasant moments
which affected her short reign, she continued to perform some social events.

In 2007, Baroness Thatcher became the first living former prime minister, who dedicated a statue in the House of Commons.

Margaret Thatcher called the most influential British political figure after Churchill
and one of the most important political figures in the United Kingdom XX century.