Top 10 Biggest & Most Lavish Royal Weddings

Marriage is a social ceremony that ties two people together in one bond. There have been many royal marriages remembered till date by the people. As the growing publicity of television and media the royal weddings have caught the attention of many people all over the globe. The most desirable place for the Royal wedding has been London. So here we have the list of the biggest royal weddings witnessed throughout the world.

10. Queen Beatrix (Netherlands)
Crowned as the queen of Netherlands she got married on 10 March in the year 1966 to Claus von Amsberg. The crowd did not support the royal wedding though and there was a big demonstration in Amsterdam i.e. is the wedding day. When Queen Juliana stepped down from the throne on April 30 1980, Beatrix became the renowned queen of the Netherlands.  Prince Claus was known to work as Nazis and was linked as Dutch who followed German Nazism. There was a aggressive battle caused on the street when a smoke bomb was dropped on the carriage of wedding. But as the time passed Prince Claus became one of the most loved members in Dutch Monarchy. He died in 2002 and many people wept over his death.

9. Prince Philippe (Belgium)
Prince Philippe made Mathilde d’Udekem d’Acoz as his life partner in Brussels. He is the Prince of Belgium and whenever he will take over the throne her wife, Princess Mathilde will be known to be the first queen born in Belgium married in the royal family ever. The wedding took place in the chilling season in Europe. They have been gifted with four children ever since they got married in 1999.

8. Princess Victoria (Sweden)
After Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding the press in Europe considered the wedding of Princess Victoria to be the largest one. Daniel Westling and Princess Victoria were seen together in the year 2002.  Since Daniel Westling did not belong to the royal society he was constantly scorned by the Swedish press. Despite of all the hurdles and problems they announced that they will get engaged in 2009. Princess Victoria broke the rules of Royal society by marrying someone who does not fit in the royal world, his personal trainer, Daniel Wrestling.  Around 1,200 people gathered in the Stockholm Cathedral where the wedding took place. More than 500 million people watched the Royal wedding as it was televised all through the world.

7. Prince Ranier (Monaco)
Prince Ranier III from Monaco married the Hollywood actress Grace Kelly and their wedding was said to be the wedding of the century. At the time of Cannes Film festival beautiful Grace Kelly was invited to get photographs clicked with the most desirable bachelor, the good- looking prince, Rainer III. This was the time they both found their true love in each other. On January six, eight months after their first meet they both got engaged and announced their marriage. According to the tradition in Monaco before a religious ceremony the prince need to have a civil marriage first. Hence the beautiful Grace Kelly and the handsome prince Ranier had to get married twice.

6. Prince Frederik (Denmark)
Prince Frederik was considered as the most eligible and most desirable bachelor in May 2004. Crown Prince Frederik and beautiful Marry Donaldson had their first meet in Sydney, Australia. At that time Mary used to be public relations executive. Prince Frederik was in Australia with Denmark’s sailing team participating in Olympics. On the auspicious day of 14 March 2004 they decided to get married and Marry thus became the crown princess of Denmark.

5. Princess Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah (Brunei)
The marriage of Sultan of Brunel’s daughter, princess Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah with a civil servant was an amazing and eye catching marriage. The marriage took place in the year 2010. The wedding was not only the celebration for Sultan’s daughter’s marriage but also the victory of sultan in ruling the south east Asian nations which was highly rich in oil. Sultan’s daughter got married to one among the richest man on earth, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Large number of people around 2000 was invited at the wedding ceremony to grace his daughter with their blessings and wishes. The wedding took place in the domed state palace.

 4. King Abdullah (Jordan)
Royal Prince, Abdullah, the son of Hussein who was the king of Jordan got married to Queen Rania who was a great training executive. For the girl it was like a dream come true to get married with a charming prince like Abdullah inspite of being an employee who was training at Apple( the iPhone company).   Their marriage was the effect of love at first site for King Abdullah II. it was quite stunning for the queen that the military man who was not only handsome but also intelligent was the son of the most powerful man in middle east. They finally tied the bond in 2004.

3. King Edward (UK)
King Edward remained king for just 325 days. The couple is known to be the most famous couple in the list of the royal couples. Wallis Simpson who was a socialite and she was married twice, but unfortunately both the marriages didn’t work out. When Edward VIII met her she was already divorced to the first husband and was in process of getting a divorce from the second. the marriage was highly controversial as the prime minister and the Dominions of United Kingdom were against the marriage. They said the citizens would never agree to have a queen who is divorced twice.
In spite of knowing that if the marriage took place the then prime minister, Stanley Baldwin will resign the government and this will lead to a general election and will ruin the Kings image yet he got married to Wallis Simpsons. Albert his younger brother took over the throne after King Edward got married.

2. Prince Charles (UK)
Prince Charles of Whales and Lady Diana Francis Spencer got married on 29th July 1981. The venue of the marriage was St Paul’s Cathedral in United Kingdom. The wedding was billed as the fairy tale wedding and the whole world got mesmerized by this royal wedding. It was witnessed by more than 750 million people on television.
The Prince of Wales proposed after six months of dating Diana, but the engagement was kept secret for several weeks while Diana selected the now-famous £30,000 sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring which was not designed specifically for her. The engagement ring was part of crown jewelers Garrard's regular collection.

At the wedding luncheon, 120 guests were served brill in lobster sauce, chicken breasts stuffed with lamb mousse, and strawberries with Cornish cream. The royal couple had 27 wedding cakes, with the official wedding cake (pictured) made by the Naval Armed Forces. 

1. Prince William and Kate Middleton
One among the famous king named Prince William got married to Catherine Middletown on 29th April 2011, Friday. The wedding took place at Westminster Abbey. Prince William is the eldest son of Prince Charles of Whales. Prince William is at the second position in the line of succession to the British throne. They both met in the year 2011 when they were studying in University of St Andrews. The marriage day was announced a public holiday in Unite Kingdom. The bride wore a dress designed by London designer Sarah Burton while the groom wore an Irish Guard mounted uniform.