The Most Ridiculous Death Of The 20th Century
Do people have an unhealthy tendency to say, people like to talk about the cases of strange deaths. Yes, I do, very much so. Because I know that, why do not you submit this list of the most ridiculous Death of the 20th century. Remove the veil of mystery!
Ray Chapman
Ray Chapman was an outstanding player shortstop (part of the baseball field between second and third base) in a team Cleveland Indians, Ohio, is the only professional baseball player who died, taking the pitch. It was "spitbol" welcome, especially when the ball stain, wipe something or otherwise modify. Rumored that Chapman did not see the approaching ball.
Pitcher (serving in baseball) Team Yankee Carl Mays performed a high pitch, and the ball went straight into the left temple Chapman, uttering a loud sound that Mays took first (and understandably so) for banging beats. Chapman fell to the ground, he tried to get up, but on the way to the dugout (bench under a canopy at the edge of the baseball field, where during a match are replacement players and coach) fell again and never woke up.
Mace's nothing accused, but baseball players officially banned the use of spitbol but recognized pitchers who have used this technique throughout his sports career. These players have come under "Dedov article" seems to be as it is called, although we are not experts in matters of sport. But, oddly enough, did not vatinovye helmets mandatory until 1971.
Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey was one of the first black activists. Born in 1887, he developed the idea of ​​a pan-African philosophy, which later became known as the "garvinizm," Garvey is also famous for his ideas about the repatriation of blacks to Africa, but it is only a small part of its doctrine. He was a successful businessman and a talented speaker, founded many political parties and activist, has a significant impact on the people who profess Islam.
Garvey's death was not only strange, but also ironic - he died of a massive stroke immediately after reading a prepared obituary itself. Moreover, it was not a simple obituary, it stated that "Garvey died alone, having lost its former popularity" in the text have been completely ignored by his political views and achievements. Thus, once obituary was ready, death does not have to wait long .
Interesting fact, Garvey is considered a prophet rastafarianstva. He was born in Jamaica and grew up in the ideas of Methodism (one of the Protestant denominations), so that his own ideas were based on the principles of the Jamaican movement, many even believed that he was the reincarnation of John the Baptist.
Garrett Jones
"Theater in a chair" - Film about a drama that was shown in Britain from 1956 to 1974. Early episodes broadcast live, but in November 1958 became apparent some of the problems associated with such broadcasting.One of the actors, tridtsatitrehletny Garrett Jones, was in the dressing room between scenes, when he's had a heart attack. While shooting the scene continued, Jones fell to the floor and died. He was the only actor who died during the live broadcast. Because of its lack of producer and director had to improvise, and shooting continued until the end of the series. 
A couple of strange things: Jones character on the show was to die of a heart attack at the very end of the series, and the director, Ted Kotcheff continued to make films in Hollywood, including First Blood and ... Weekend at Bernie's, which tells about a couple of buddies trying not to give information about the death of their boss from spreading. We doubt that Kotcheff has lost his sense of irony.
  Sherwood Anderson
If it were not for the Sherwood Anderson, perhaps there would have been Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Faulkner. Throughout the 20s - 30s, he was involved in writing a series of novels and short stories that have had a direct impact on America's greatest writers, and his book "Winesburg, Ohio" 1919 belongs to the best pages of American literature, he showed the cruel, unfeeling world of America at the time of -for what heroes Anderson became famous than he is.The circumstances of the death of the writer reminds banal syuzhetets that would definitely not like him - once at a party he had swallowed an olive from a martini glass. Unfortunately, the inside of it was a piece of toothpick. No, he did not choke - most of all, this foreign object damaged the gastro-intestinal tract, causing peritonitis, and a few days later Anderson died from the infection.With the works of Anderson sign every American, many of them were published posthumously, and some are now reissued. While his compatriots, such as Fitzgerald, ruined lives and health of many alcoholic drinks, Anderson - the only one who had killed only one martini.

Jack Daniel
 You probably should not specify what famous legendary master of distilling Jack Daniel, according to statistics, one out of you at this very moment, just enjoying the results of his labors. We have already told you something interesting in his life, but the case, which it ended, unfortunately, proved to be quite ridiculous. 
Early in the morning in 1906, Jack went to work in his office before anyone else, which was rare for him. He spent a lot of time remembering the code for the safe company, as never before did not open it. Finally got angry, he kicked with force safe, and something almost burst into his leg, he has since become limp, limp and never go away. 
Over time, the safe could take revenge. Lameness intensified, doctors were suspected of being infected blood, developed gangrene, and soon her leg had to be amputated. Daniel died five years after the incident with the safe. In our opinion, this is the best shows that fooling life with alcohol, to come to work early in the morning - a bad idea. Do you agree? 
Keith Relf
The group The Yardbirds was svoebraznym incubator of brilliant rock guitarists. The second vocalist, Eric Clapton, separated immediately after their first success and established his super-group Cream, and was replaced by Jeff Beck, and then Jimmy Page. Relf still in the Yardbirds created his own unique style of playing the harmonica, and then went on to Led Zeppelin, helping to develop a style of heavy metal.Keith Relf was the face and the top performer Yardbirds as long as there was a group. Relf did not leave it in the most difficult periods blues (led by Eric Clapton) and beat-music (Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page), and he went up, mainly because I was tired of the newly introduced electric style and the fact that we had to shout tools to to be heard.Ironically, then, he still became a singer in the band Armageddon, performing songs in the style of heavy metal. He was part of the group until his death in 1976. Keith Relf died when playing at home on an electric guitar, which was not properly grounded. He might continue to perform more quiet music, but it is only philosophical digressions, in 1992 Relf was posthumously included in the list of the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a performer of Yardbirds. 
 Janet Parker
Janet Parker - the only one on our list, it is because of known causes of death: it is the last victim of smallpox, and her case could serve as a chilling reminder that even the "eradicated" viruses continue to exist - in the laboratory.Parker was a medical photographer at the University of Birmingham, she worked in the same building that housed the laboratory Bedsona Henry, the famous explorer of smallpox. To this day, all that we know about this case: Janet Parker unknown manner contracted smallpox from the laboratory of Dr. Bedsona, and no one knows how the virus was able to leave the lab. By an ironic coincidence, Bedsona laboratory safety standards have been challenged the World Health Organization as a long time how Zhdanet Parker was infected.She died in September 1978, since then there have been no cases of infection. But samples of the virus still exist in various research labs all over the world, and possible new cases of this infection. Dr. Bedson well understood this, and he did not want to be a witness of events. He committed suicide five days before the death of Parker.
 Kurt Godel
 As you can see on fografii, Kurt Godel depicted beside his friend Albert Einstein. Gödel was very, very smart man. His incompleteness theorem turned scientists' ideas about the laws of logic, in honor of him was called the mathematical function (Gödel metric), and look again at the photo. A friend of Einstein.All intelligent people are known to have their own quirks and oddities, and if you did not know, Gödel was no exception. He later became a real paranoid and constantly feared that trying to poison him. Therefore, eating only food prepared by hands of his wife. Always, no exceptions. Now you know what it led to.When Gödel became seriously ill and was hospitalized for six months, he was literally melt before our eyes. Gödel died Jan. 14, 1978, his weight was 29.5 kg in the certificate of cause of death was "to malnutrition and exhaustion" caused by "personality disorder," which is simply a more gentle way of saying that he died from what was stubborn maniacal bastard.

 Dick Wertheim
Stefan Edberg was an outstanding tennis player of the 80s and 90s, he won the U.S. Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon (all twice), he is considered one of the greatest players of his era, his favorite method was the "supply output to the grid." It does not rely on force feeding, and on its speed and accuracy - which makes an accident with line judge Dick Wertheim particularly odd.Edberg was only 16 when he took part in the U.S. Open Junior Championships, Wertheim was linear judge, he followed the course of the competition, sitting in a folding chair. The young athlete realized enormous power supply, but in the wrong direction. Incredibly, at Wertheim was time to see the ball coming, but he did not try to dodge. This meant that the ball just caught him by surprise, hitting directly in the groin. He collapsed to the ground, hitting his head on the pavement, and was rushed to hospital. Wertheim no longer woke up, he died in hospital a week later.Edberg was severely shaken by what happened (although the game went on and won), and then he even podumyal retire from the sport. It was incomprehensible and strange tragediyai, at the same time, a reminder of the power of death. Whether anyone else on the site Edberg, or he would have been hanged or superhero. 
 Boris Sagal
Boris Sagal was a famous film director. Two of his children became actors, but has gained the most popularity daughter Katie, who, in spite of the recent shooting in the movie "Sons of Anarchy" and the role of Lila in the "Futurama" will always be for us Peg Bundy. Boris met his death as the hero of a Hollywood movie - although, in fact, comes to mind only one such episode.While working on the film in Oregon in 1981, Boris accidentally hit the tail blades of a helicopter and was decapitated. You can see the similarities with the fate of actor Vic Morrow, who died a year later, during the filming of "The Twilight Zone", he too was beheaded by helicopter.
Sagal directed several episodes of "The Twilight Zone" in this series, he began his career. His first feature film was "The Omega Man," a film loosely based on the novel "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson (who also wrote "Twilight Zone"). Matheson was the author of many novels adapted for the screen, except for the scene with the helicopter, of course. What could it all mean?