Google Co-Founder Spotted Wearing Augmented Reality Glasses

Last week, Google sent out an email to developers, inviting them to a pair of hackathons in New York and San Francisco. Here, Google hopes these developers will help them figure out what they should do with their Google Glass idea. Yesterday, one blogger just so happened to recognize 

Google co-founder Sergey Brin riding the subway and doing a bit of dogfooding.
As only a blogger could, Noah Zerkin recognized Brin and his peculiar pair of spectacles, the super nerdy and incredibly rare Google Glass. Zerkin decided to chat up Brin as they rode through New York’s underground (as luck would have it, Zerkin blogs about augmented reality, a feature which is expected to one day ship with Google Glass) and even managed to snag a picture with him before they parted ways.
Zerkin tweeted the picture of Brin, but hasn’t yet mentioned what exactly they discussed, only that Brin is a “Nice Guy.”
The fact Brin was caught wearing these glasses has sent other bloggers to wonder aloud what he was able to do with these specs. After all, the cell service in the New York subways is said to be nearly non-existent, and as the glasses mostly require a cellular connection, he might not have been able to do much with them while riding the train.
Once he stepped out of the train, however, he probably could have used whatever features are currently being tested.
Earlier this month, IEEE Spectrum published an interview with Google Glass’ head Babak Parviz, wherein the executive claims the futuristic spectacles are currently “in flux.”
Though Google’s introductory teaser video for these glasses showed off plenty of augmented reality features, Parviz said in the interview this feature might not make it to the glasses for some time.
“I would say that even though augmented reality isn’t our immediate goal for Google Glass, I think in the future that augmented reality will also come into the picture,” said Parviz in his interview with IEEE Spectrum. “I personally find it exciting, and I think in the future it will actually come.”
The second Glass Foundry event (what they’re calling the upcoming hackathons) will take place in New York on February 1 and 2. This could very well explain why Brin was spotted in New York. He’s also an incredibly wealthy man and could have decided to spend the weekend in New York because of bagels.
At this point, Google’s Glass could be just as capable of doing all sorts of cool augmented reality things as it performing the same sort of tasks as the new Pebble watch.
The fact Brin is wearing these things out in public is, at best, a sign he has faith in his company and the glasses are actually working.
At worst, the glasses could have been a last ditch effort to disguise himself on the subway, hoping a pair of specs would throw AR bloggers off the scent. If this is the case, Brin would be a terrible spy, placing the fate of our country in terrible peril.