10 Most Expensive Weddings Of The World

1. Wedding Anish Mittal and Amit Bhatia took place in 2005 and cost the love with $ 60 million. The couple spent a holiday in Paris, and was invited to a celebration of about 1,000 people. And the invitations were uneasy, and poured out the silver casket. At the concert, his voice a pleasing Kylie Minogue. During the wedding, guests drank about 5,000 bottles of wine Ch√Ęteau Mouton-Rothschild and ate more than ten kilograms of caviar.

 . Heir to the British throne Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011. The budget for this wedding was $ 34 million. At the wedding was attended by about two thousand dignitaries. Dissatisfied festivities, in part paid by the state budget, were the people of Great Britain, so that security measures also had to be spent solidly. The bride's parents also spent a decent amount, but did not speak about it, because the prince is not every day you can give a daughter.

3. In 2005 and is notable for another expensive wedding. Marry a Russian businessman Andrei Melnichenko, often falling into the lists Forbes, the owner came out the title of Miss Yugoslavia Aleksandra Nikolic. Noted the performance in a luxurious wedding Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Enrique and Julio Iglesias. And they received for their performances not modest fees. A charge for the meal was one of the most celebrated chefs Alain Ducasse. The wedding was estimated at $ 30 million.

4. Before her wedding, Kim Kardashian said that her marriage process must enter into the history of weddings United States. What is really there, if only cost the groom a ring-basketball player Kris Humphries in a $ 2 million. Which was held in a tent decorated with thousands of African celebration of fragrant genus, which were placed in vases of crystal. Guests should arrive in the dress code: only black or white outfit. Price festivities was 10 million dollars.

5. Nor how many players went forward, "Manchester United" Wayne Rooney. Among the players there is a tendency to marry actresses, singers or centerfold. But Wayne took to wife girlfriend Colleen McLoughlin school days. The marriage ceremony itself was modest and short-lived, but these young held celebrations in style, who have won eight million dollars. Noble act on the part of a young couple can assume that guests who wanted to make it a gift, they were asked to spend the money on contributions to charitable organizations.

6. Given a place in this list and get married the only daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Chelsea Clinton married a banker Marc Mezvinsky. The whole wedding was very secretive and prying it is not allowed. Bride sewed Vera Wang, and cooked dishes cost 750 thousand dollars. A wedding is a cost of five million dollars.

7. In 2002 there was a wedding that is more reminded the awarding of "Grammy". And all just because knot combined star of the film "Cabaret" Liza Minnelli and producer David Gest. It is noteworthy that the best man and groomsman were Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. One only at this wedding cake is priced at 40,000 dollars, and all the triumph was worth 3.5 million dollars, but their happiness was short-lived - in a year and a half they have filed for divorce.

8. When, in 2002, married Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, the admirers claimed that the bride with a musician just because of greed, not love. But the wedding was to take place, and it took place in one of the castles of Ireland. Among the guests was seen Ringo Starr, and the music The Beatles were a hit in the Indian style. The marriage contract is not signed a musician then, as later regretted, because the girl in a divorce claimed a considerable share of the estate of her husband.

9. Eight days celebrating their wedding Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar. It cost them $ 2.5 million. At first, they were married in one of the churches of England, where Elizabeth brought to the altar itself Elton John, and then they got married according to Indian tradition. A few rich people take such an active part in preparing the wedding as Hurley. It was her idea was to bestow a pocket of "Kama Sutra".

10. This completes the list of recently divorced couple. Tom Cruise and Katie Homls on their wedding spent $ 2 million. But beautiful all they had. The guests of the wedding were celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez and Beckham family. And she has organized the wedding of Robert Armani, whose uncle invented costumes for couples.