Tour Of The Solar System

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Tour Of The Solar System

The highest velocity in the universe - the speed of light, approximately 1 billion km / h for 1 year light overcomes length 9 760 800 000 000 km. Record speed of the spacecraft 240 thousand km / h was set US-German solar probe "Helios-B", launched January 15, 1976 Mr. The average speed of the car 100km/hour Average speed of a person walking 6 km per hour. To understand what distance separates us from cosmic objects will go to them in these three ways.
1. The first object in space, of course moon.
Just one hour it will take our journey on the probe, "Helios-B" On the car journey stretched to 160 days, nearly half a year, and 5 years, we will walk.

2. Next stop Mars.  
The minimum distance from Mars to Earth is 56 million kilometers is the distance achieved time in 17 years. On space probe mission would take a total of 9 days, but on the car that would have required nearly 63 years of continuous driving. But the distance to Mars to go 799 years! By the time of the arrival at Mars on Earth will be replaced by dozens of generations.
 3. Next, we are waiting for the sun, our star.  
The probe will need to fly for 26 days, nearly a month of flight.
The car should go 173 long years that have achieved our star Sprightly gait, we'll get to the sun 2168 years, maybe by then we will go until mankind on earth would cease to exist.

4. And here is the last planet in our solar system Pluto. 
 Distance is a major 5.6 billion kilometers 3 years of flight separate us from him.
6392 car of the year when its speed will reach up to the last planet. A person needs nearly 90,000 years.
5. The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, 
A neighbor of the sun, it is left in the photo flashes red. It is located at a distance of 4 light-years from Earth, or 39,043,200,000,000 km. The probe will require 18,750 years of flight to reach it.
A car is necessary to spend on the way 4.5 million years old, the person on this walk is necessary to spend 557 million years.

6. A neighbor of our galaxy 
 the distance to the Andromeda galaxy her incredible 2.5 million light-years away! 97608000000000000000 km or difficult to imagine the number and especially the name. The probe will need 46 billion years that would fly to her, and there is more than the known universe, by then in place the Andromeda galaxy will be completely new and possibly several galaxies will be replaced by then.