World's Top 20 Best Beers

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World's Top 20 Best Beers
The top 20 best beers in the world, which have been carefully selected from a huge number of applicants. Yes, friends, you should at least once in their lives to try these sorts of millions of people drink;) Read on. 

 20. Russian Imperial Stout Brewery Stone Brewing
The Russian Imperial Stout is brewed in the city of Escondido (CA). He received 4,215 from the experts out of 5 possible stars.This is a very strong dark beer with a complex flavor, which includes notes of black currant, coffee and anise.

 19. El Batch 7000
It is a dark beer with subdued touch of vanilla and caramel cooked in Kalamazoo (MI).
Batch 7000 received from the experts RateBeer 4,226 out of 5 stars.


18. El Hopslam
Another beer from the brewery in Kalamazoo. He was assessed by experts in the RateBeer 4,229 stars.
El Hopslam brewed with six different varieties of hops, it felt floral and grapefruit notes.

 17. Kriek
It is brewed according to the traditional recipe of the beer (fruit lambic, which is fermented with sour cherries), a native of Berselia (Belgium). It consists of only malt, wheat, hops, water and a rare cherry cultivar "Schaerbeek." Kriek beer received from experts 4,236 stars.


16. Samichlaus
Dark beer from the brewery Hürlimann (Zurich, Switzerland). This is one of the strongest varieties - 14% alcohol. It is cooked only once a year on December 6 and only in one of the castles in Upper Austria. The beer was then aged ten months and bottled.
Experts estimated the Samichlaus to 4,239 stars.

 15. Fred from the Wood
This beer has received from experts RateBeer 4,241 stars.
Barley wine from the brewery Hair of the Dog (Portland, Oregon) is aged in oak barrels for six months. It has the flavor of wood and tobacco.


14. Abyss
This Russian Imperial Stout, which won many awards, produced in the brewery Deschutes (Bend, Oregon). In its present flavor notes of molasses and licorice.
4,243 stars from experts.

 13. Darkness
Another Russian Imperial Stout, this time from the brewery Surly (Minnesota) - Dark drink with chocolate flavor and strength of 9.8%. It is cooked once a year in October.
4,254 stars.

 12. Extra 8
8 Extra beer sold in bottles of dark brown color without a label and a blue lid. This Belgian strong ale brewed Cistercian monks from the monastery of St. Sixtus (Vestvleteren, Belgium). It can be purchased in limited quantities and only in this monastery.
4,267 stars.

 11. Supplication
The beer is brewed in the brewery Supplication Russian River (California). This sour ale fermented in 12 months under the barrels of Pinot Noir with cherry. The result is a tart, complex flavor.
4,275 stars.

 10. Adam
Another brainchild of breweries Hair of the Dog (Portland, Oregon). This beer - recreated historical variety that was once brewed in Dortmund (Germany).
4,277 stars.

 9. Bourbon County Stout
Bourbon County Stout brewed in Chicago, Goose Island Brewery, and held for two years in barrels from the 18-year-old bourbon. It has a muted chocolate flavor and krepostyu13%.
4,283 stars.

 8. Temptation
Sour Pale Ale from Brewery Russian River (California). To obtain the characteristic tart flavor ale aged 9 to 15 months in casks of Chardonnay.
4,284 stars.

 7. Pliny the Elder
Another brewery ale Russian River has become legendary thanks to its surprisingly balanced taste. It felt flavor notes of citrus and pine. 4,289 stars.

 6. Kentucky Breakfast Stout
The brainchild of Founders Brewing (MI) has received from the RateBeer 4,29 stars.
Kentucky Breakfast Stout brewed with coffee and chocolate, and then kept in bourbon casks to achieve a very rich, thick taste

 5. Dreadnaught Imperial IPA
This beer is produced in the brewery Three Floyds (Indiana). It softens the taste of the bitter taste of mango and peach. 4.3 stars from experts.

 4. Expedition Stout
This dark sort of a brewery in Michigan Bell has a taste of freshly roasted coffee. 4.34 stars.

 3. Speedway Stout
Speedway Stout alcohol level of 12% is brewed in the brewery AleSmith (CA) with the addition of coffee. 4,372 stars.

2. Russian Imperial Stout Dark Lord
One of the most famous varieties brewery Three Floyds Brewing brewed with coffee, molasses and honey. It can be purchased only on the last Saturday of April. Since the limited amount of beer (6000 bottles), wishing to give it a try before buy custom printed tickets. 4,279 stars.

 And finally, the first place according to the experts site RateBeer: 12
Beer brewed 12 Cistercian monks from the monastery of St. Sixtus (Vestvleteren, Belgium). Once a week, it can be bought at the gate of the monastery. It does not have a label, just plain yellow cover.
The composition of the yeast include beer, malt, sugar, caramel and water. Nothing more.
Experts - 4,499 stars.