That Ended Differently Than They Wanted(gifs)

Ended Oddly: She Changed Drastically 
At least they lived, right?

Ended Oddly: Face Slap
Working out is dumb.

 Ended Oddly: Almost Had It
Defeating yourself will stop others from doing it.

 Ended Oddly: Plane Hit
That's why you don't stand in runways.

 Ended Oddly: Almost Had It...
She'll feel that later.

 Ended Oddly: In The Balls

 Ended Oddly: Mirrors Are Hard
He just wanted a friend...

 Ended Oddly: Bad Pitch
At least she's adorable.

 Ended Oddly: Biking In Mud Is Bad

 Ended Oddly: Should Have Turned More
Right. On. The. Face.

Ended Oddly: No Relaxing Today
Sorry, bro. You don't get to relax.

 Ended Oddly: NOPE
Nightmare time!