10 Athletes Who Were Charged With Murder

Accused: Aaron Hernandez 

Just signed a huge deal, too.


 Accused: Hiroshi Ogawa
That went poorly.

 Accused: Jayson Williams
Because playing with shotguns is smart?

 Accused: Ausar Walcott
Something can be worse than the Browns: this.

 Accused: Rubin
This also led to Denzel Washington's best movie.

  Accused: Ray Lewis
Now, he's a super motivational dude with two Super Bowl wins. Things can get better!

  Accused: Mark Rogowski
That was just one huge bad idea.

 Accused: Oscar Pistorius
He is worried he won't have a leg up on the prosecution.

Accused: Rae Carruth
Well, that was really, really dumb.

Accused: O.J. Simpson 
He'll forever be in our hearts