The World's Youngest 3 Years Old Tattoo Artist

 Ruby Dickinson 3 years old, and she was holding a tattoo machine. Baby Ruby was born in Wales and grew it in an environment saturated with tattoos. Dad Ruby - tattoo artist who clearly wants his daughter to follow in his footsteps. The child loves to come to daddy at work and discuss their plans with clients on the next tattoo (currently collects customer base). The father of the young tattoo enthusiast decided that the time has come for real action, and ordered a special little girl from the state machine for its tiny pens.

 Now the child is practicing her favorite design - a spider (what a nice imagination ..... spider) on the body painted like the Pope, who did not care if the child is screwed up, because he is already 70% of the body is covered with paint. Yes, a small spider on the landscape will not be affected. Dad says that her daughter is waiting for a great career, and the price of tattoo machines to lower the cost of five years of study at the university. Guinness Book of Records is waiting!