Wedding With A View

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Wedding With A View
Three lucky couples have celebrated Valentine's Day weddings at the Empire State Building.
The couples won Thursday's weddings by submitting their love stories to the landmark skyscraper's Facebook page.

Newlyweds Danielle Brabham and Michael Lynch, from Miami Shores, Fla., pose for pictures on the 86th-floor observation deck

Valentine's Day bride: Ms Brabham, 39, and Mr Lynch, 41, hold hands as they say their wedding vows
The pair became engaged during a power outage due to Hurricane Isaac last summer.
Ms Brabham's fishtail gown looked sensational beneath the floral bower under which they said their vows.

John Kelly and Kari Morey kiss for photographers on the Empire State Building observation deck after their Valentine's Day wedding in New York today

Mr Kelly and his new wife, pictured walking down the aisle, knew each other in elementary school and reconnected after 23 years
The bride wore a strapless gown and carried a red bouquet for the ceremony, while her groom wore military attire.

Daniel Rosenthal and Laurie Ann Phillips, who met on a blind date, were the second couple to wed on the top of the Empire State Building today
 The couple were both single parents who met on a blind date. Bucking tradition, they bought a house instead of an engagement ring. Ms Phillips looked elegant in a halterneck gown with her hair in a sleek chignon.
The happy couples posed for photos on the 86th-floor observation deck after their ceremonies.