The Desert Brought To Life

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The Desert Brought To Life

Snake River Canyon in Idaho
A serpentine river cuts deep incisions into mountainous land, a gold mine is slashed open to have its ruddy interior revealed and a tiny toy is found among shards of glass in harsh terrain.
These are all photos in a new solo exhibition by photographer Laura McPhee showing intricate details of how human life sits among nature in the Western American wilderness. 
Desert Chronicle is built upon McPhee's stunning visual work between 2010 and 2012 in which she documented the American landscapes of Idaho, Utah and Arizona.  

Colorado River becoming Lake Powell near Hog Springs in Utah

San Juan River in Utah in all its glory

The heart of the Colorado Plateau with its textbook geology created the breathtaking canyons and majestic mountains of Canyon

The mountainous Lime Ridge Anticline in San Juan County, Utah

Even in the the most remote of places, working life sits alongside nature like Huntington Canyon Coal-Fired Electric Generating Station, Huntington, Utah

This photo reveals intricate details of daily life - a tiny plastic toy among shards of glass and rust in the wilderness

High voltage transmission lines run by the Book Cliffs near Green River in Utah

Approaching Storm, Craters of the Moon Wilderness, Butte County, in Idaho

Desert Chronicle is built upon McPhee's work from 2010 - 2012 documenting the Western American landscapes of Idaho, Utah and Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam Lake Powell in Arizona
Nothing for miles: Dunes at White Sands in New Mexico

McPhee captures a haunting scene in Winter Storm Valley of the Gods, taken in Utah

Big Wood River in Idaho