Their Is Nothing Like Mother

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Their Is Nothing Like Mother

These protective lionesses lashed out without hesitation when a lone male approached their precious cubs - prompting all hell to break loose among the pride as they joined the attack.
The lion was set upon by lionesses in Kenya's Masai Mara game reserve, where the unwanted stranger was soon forced to flee. Their rumble in the jungle took place within the Mara Triangle, which forms the western part of the reserve, bordering Tanzania.

One of the lionesses goes to dig her teeth into the roaring lion's back

Lionesses took on the lone lion in a ferocious battle in the wilds of the Masai Mara

The lion faces three animals from the same pride attack its back

The pride gather together to attack in solidarity, as two lions join the lionesses to circle the intruder

Two lions and two lionesses gang up on the lone lion. The lion on the right is the oldest of the group, as distinguished by its darker mane 


The lioness lands a paw on the lion's eye as the others gather round to help. The lions are distinguished from the lionesses by their shaggy manes

the lion runs off heavily scratched and bloodied from his brawl with the pride

The lion is pushed onto its back as the two lionesses defend their brood