Surprising Food With 200 Hundred Calories
The Department of Agriculture cites that the average adult requires between 2000 and 2500 daily calories. Extra calories do plague Americans, as nearly two out of three adults is overweight or obese.

Don't tell Mayor Bloomberg but 496 ml of regular Coca Cola comes in at 200 calories

Avocados are a crucial ingredient in Tex-Mex favorite guacamole

Four slices of flax bread, or approximately 90 grams, reaches the 200 calorie level

Pasta is commonly considered one of the first foods to go when people embark on a diet

These Jack in the Box French fries total 73 grams

New Yorkers live off their bagels, but a little more than half a sesame seed bagel comes in at 200 calories

Just a little less than a whole glazed donut is a breakfast under 200 calories

You don't actually have to cut the cheese: 51 grams of cheddar cheese is just 200 calories

The artificial sweetener Splenda is a popular diet replacement for sugar

If you can't live without candy, you can eat ten gummy bears and still have less than 200 calories

Unfortunately, this hot dog doesn't come with relish if you want to limit yourself to 200 calories

It might not tide you ever during a football game but a handful of Doritos is 200 calories

A person can consume 1425 grams of celery and just reach 200 calories, making it one of the most calorie-efficient foods

It takes only eight Hersey kisses to total 200 calories

It takes over 30 M&M's to total 200 calories

For those who can't live without fried bacon, 34 grams totals 200 calories 

Peanut butter addicts might be disheartened to see just 34 grams equals 200 calories

It's not hard to believe that butter ranks very high in calorie density 
Research has linked carrots to boosting vision, as well

A summer favorite, honeydew melon is a fruit to eat plenty of if you want to limit calorie intake

Got milk? 33l ml of whole milk nets just 200 calories

You can eat these slices of smoked turkey and stay within 200 calories

They do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Breakfast of champions: 150 grams of eggs in their purest form top out at 200 calories

Of course there's no hamburger in sight, but 226 grams of ketchup are 200 calories