Celebrities Who Hide Their Children

Blue Ivy, the daughter of music superstars Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z, celebrates her first birthday Monday, January 7. But even though Blue is one of the most popular celebrity babies, her parents have only released photos once. Beyoncé and Jay, however, aren’t the own public figures that keep their children out of the limelight. See our photo gallery of other like-thinking stars

Beyoncé and Jay-Z - Last February, one month after the birth of Blue Ivy, the power couple posted photos of their daughter on their HelloBlueIvyCarter Tumblr site. However, the superstars have decided not to share more photos. Whenever they take Blue Ivy in public, a blanket always covers her face. In September, paparazzi photographers captured a glimpse of the beautiful baby while her family vacationed on a private yacht.

Erykah Badu - There’s a reason why the Internet is not flooded with images of this soul singer’s three children with rappers Andre 3000, The D.O.C. and Jay Electronica. Badu is protective. In December, she reminded ex-boyfriend Jay Electronica about her position on sharing photos. “@jayelectronica I don’t like u posting pictures of my daughters,” she wrote via Twitter. “Please don’t do this again. This is my 2nd time asking you sir. Peace.” While we respect Badu’s decision, we can relate to Jay’s bragging rights. The girls are adorable. 

Adele - This British artist’s sophomore album, “21,” was the top-selling release of 2011 and 2012, but it wasn’t her only great news last year. In October, the “Rolling In The Deep” singer and her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, welcomed home a baby boy. But they’ve successfully kept the newborn out of the limelight. Adele hid her pregnancy from the public until two months before she gave birth and to date she has not revealed a photo or name of the child.


Julia Roberts - The Academy Award-winning actress has been very outspoken about paparazzi taking pictures of children. In a December 2007 cover story in Vanity Fair magazine, Roberts said, “I think it’s inhuman to chase a woman with her children.” She added that it was also unfair to criticize celebrity parents who cover their babies in a sling. “He’s a baby and I’m carrying him around, and so’s the lady across the street,” she said. Roberts avoids having her children in the media by not living in Hollywood. Roberts lives in Taos, New Mexico with her husband, cameraman Daniel Moder, and their three kids.

Michael Jackson - The late king of pop was scrutinized for his efforts to shield his children from the media. He covered his children’s faces with veils and masks during outings. After his passing in 2009, Katherine Jackson, Jackson’s mother and guardian for Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II, discontinued covering their faces. In a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Paris said she now understands why her father protected their identities. “When we went out without him, we wouldn’t be recognized and could have a normal childhood,” she said.