The Best Photos Of Viral Internet For 2012

The photos that became hits in 2012
Photo projects or individual photos taken at the right time - no matter
if they become hits the internet and filled social networks and blogs around the world.

Spanish Paralympic swimmer Xavi Torres after training. The prosthesis Paralympic firm Adidas sneakers

The couple decided to impress themselves on the background of the lake:
Fix the camera by pressing the self-timer, sat in front of the lens, and then povilas protein.

John and his 19-year-old dog Shop with arthritis.
That would soothe the pain, the host every night dives with him in the water to the dog to sleep.

Four more years of Barack Obama. end preztion race.

Archive photo of Steve Jobs, 1988.

Attraction "Nightmare Factory" in Canada.

Hurricane "Sandy": a huge wave on the waterfront of Chicago.

Legendary Felix Baumgartner jumping from the stratosphere.

The election campaign of Barack Obama.

Series "Famous photographers and their famous pictures."

 Series "Famous photographers and their famous pictures."
England's Queen Elizabeth II driving a Range Rover.

The "Wigs of water"

Multiple exposure - ups at the airport of Hanover.

Yin and yang.

 Japanese astronaut Akihiko self-portrait Hos hide, ISS.

Snapshot camera GoPro.

Nick Vallenda tightrope walker is a tightrope over Niagara Falls.

California students with NASA launched a rubber chicken Camilla into space.

Peters burg police officers detained a bird with a guitar for participating in an illegal gathering.

Amazing dog Maddie.

The "Diving dogs."