Molokini Island, An Ancient Volcanic Eruption

Molokini is one of the top 10 snorkel and Dive spots in the world. 
Molokini's crescent shape protects divers and snorkelers from waves and the channel's powerful currents. However, experienced scuba divers will also drift dive off the 300 feet (91 m) sheer outer wall, using the channel currents to carry them along.
The crater houses a lush reef with excellent visibility as deep as 150 feet (46 m). Molokini is home to about 250 species of fish, many endemic. The best conditions occur in early morning.

Molokini Crater was formed from an ancient volcanic eruption.The Crater is an extinct partial cinder cone that has formed into an atoll. Molokini lies between the islands of Kaho'olawe and Maui and it rises 160 feet out of the water at its peak.

It is now a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation District.This makes Molokini a prime snorkeling spot with over 250 fish species.Many of these species can only be seen in Molokini. The inner waters of Molokini's crescent shape offers semi shallow water which is perfect for any level of snorkeler.

You can only get to Molokini by boat as it's about 3 miles off the south coast of Maui. There are scuba boats leaving daily from the Kihei Boat Ramp and a few snorkeling rafts. Maalaea Harbor has the bulk of the boats which head out to Molokini by 7:30am and arriving in Molokini about 55 mins later.Molokini is at its best in the morning due to trade winds which come up about 11am.Since the Crater lacks a northern wall the crescent-shaped southern side blocks the majority of the wave action,but the trade winds blow in from the Northern direction by 11am.

You will likely see white tipped shark,hundreds of fish species and during whale season maybe some humpbacks.

The backside of Molokini is famous with experienced scuba divers. It's been rated one of the best wall dives in the world.Clear blue water with depths of over 350 feet and strong currents require an experince guide.