Ten Latest Classic Fashion Dresses

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Ten Latest Classic Fashion Dresses

Trends come and go, but classics should make up the core of your wardrobe to keep you going from year to year. Find out which 10 fall items you need to own to build a timeless wardrobe.
A great tailored jacket -- fitted to show off feminine curves, not a baggy masculine style -- will pair with everything from work trousers to jeans. A jacket adds structure to your figure: gives curvy girls more angular lines, creates waistlines for boyish figure types and smooths out lumps and bumps for all shapes. Choose traditional fall jacket fabrics like tweed, corduroy, denim or menswear plaids; or go luxe with velvet, leather, brocade.

Sounds basic, but a crisp, long-sleeve white shirt is a building block of your fall wardrobe.
The varieties are endless -- cotton with stretch, fitted silhouettes, cuff and sleeve details, collar variations -- but they all work under everything from cardigans to jackets or on their own with wide-leg trousers.

Pantsuits may be the ultimate power suit for the working woman, but they also pull their weight after hours when paired with a silky cami and heels. A solid black pantsuit is the most flattering (head-to-toe monochromatic color) and the most classic. Look for a fabric with drape -- nothing too stiff or shiny -- preferably in wool (or wool with some stretch for comfort).

Neckline trends come and go -- cowl necks, plunging Vs, henleys -- but a turtleneck sweater has earned its place as a classic. Here's why: The turtleneck brings your face into focus. A mock turtleneck is a good option if you don't like the bulk of a true turtleneck (it's the same height, only the fabric doesn't fold back over). Stick with cozy, touchable materials for your turtleneck sweater because anything itchy or scratchy is unbearable on your sensitive neck area. The black turtleneck is the ultimate classic because it creates a blank palette to show off wonderful necklaces, cuff bracelets or just a pretty face.

There's a reason timeless fashion pieces retain their popularity: they go with most things in your closet and transcend the trends. The neutral coat -- especially in a camel color -- is an enduring fall classic because it has so many possibilities.

Plaid -- a perennial menswear print favorite -- translates very well to trousers, coats and jackets. Pair with everything from a solid shirt to a twinset.

Knee-high boots make great sense for fall because they let you get more wear out of everything from skinny jeans to miniskirts. Tuck in slim trousers for a young look or layer on opaque tights with a skirt or dress to keep out the chill. Choose a mid-heel height for the most trend-proof look (something 2 inches or less). Brown boots are a great choice if you wear lots of denim; black pairs with almost everything.

Feminine pearls are the perfect trend-proof accessory to compliment the more structured styles of fall. Wear gray pearls with black for a sexy tonal look; or choose layers of creamy white pearls worn with a simple black sheath dress for a perfect cocktail dress look.

 Match a sheath with a hem-length coat or wear it on its own with pumps; anyway you wear the classic, knee-length sheath dress it's a winner. Fabric choices include knits, crepe, silk and menswear fabrics. Or try something edgy like a leather sheath.
Bags get bigger with cooler weather because you have more to carry (umbrellas, wraps, hats).
The leather bag doesn't have to be boring -- there are logoed styles, patent, exotic skins, quilting, bold hardware, bright colors and much more -- but the most classic looks have a ladylike feel to them and understated luxury. Unlike an in-today/out-tomorrow "It" bag, the large leather bag will be your faithful friend for years. This is one splurge where you'll get lots of mileage on your investment.