Celebrities Lol Pictures In 2012

"Nobody picks on my puppy," Hugh Jackman yelled before hurling snowballs at a gang of unruly Pomeranians.

Did you know that Kate Middleton is not just another pretty royal face? She's also a championship ping-ponger!

Barack does his own thing, but this is how Michelle Obama maintains world peace.

It's not that she's expecting another baby, necessarily, but Angelina Jolie is positioning her hands like this just in case someone happens to give her one. You know -- just in case.

Assuming the photographer was creeping behind a bush to find out what he thought of his meal, Gavin Rossdale decides to offer up his one-fingered restaurant review.

Snooki's resolution for 2012? Reduce the amount of jokes made at her expense... by any means necessary.

Much like a peacock displays its plumage to attract a mate, Dwayne Johnson shows off his ridiculously ripped physique to attract the ladies (and film crew members, apparently).

Sure, Kanye West likes looking at his lady Kim Kardashian in the face, but sometimes he just has to talk directly to the twins.

After years of trying to avoid the paparazzi, Kristen Stewart finally shrugs her shoulders and says, "Whatever -- if you can't beat 'em, pose for 'em."

f they ever remake "When Harry Met Sally," then Katherine Heigl can show how she'd be perfect for the "I'll have what she's having" scene.

Yeah, maybe Ashton Kutcher should hold off on his newfangled plan to become a Rastafarian yoga teacher until he becomes a bit more flexible.

Madonna isn't sarcastically saying that the guy next to her is cool. Her face has just been stuck like this since her dermatologist asked her if she thought she'd had enough Botox for the day.

Lea Michele has about a half second to get the Kleenex out of there or she's going to sneeze all over her brand new outfit.

Sometimes Tina Fey gets so shy during kissing scenes that she puts up some serious barriers. Either that or James Marsden just had some really bad breath.

Sure, Kendra Wilkinson loves her husband and her adorable son, but did you know she also has an undying love for giant foam-spewing bazookas?

Psyched for the "American Reunion" movie, "The Office" star Mindy Kaling does her best Tara Reid impression on the way to the theater.

Don't feel bad, Kyle Richards. If I were on any of the "Real Housewives" franchises, I'd have rage issues too.

It's tough to tell exactly how well Jason Biggs' physical affection is going over, but let's just be glad that he's focused his attention on people instead of pastries.

You wanna see the saddest cat in the whole world? Dress up Eric Stonestreet of "Modern Family" and force him into a tree and get ready to feel intense sympathy.

When you're an attention-hungry celebrity like Holly Madison, there's no reason why you should hire a buff dude to stretch you out in public. Why do it all by yourself?

When Britney Spears was told she was on "The X Factor," for this one brief moment she got confused and thought she was going to be on "Fear Factor."

In case you were wondering which celebrity was the most ecstatically excited to be at the Emmys, you now know that person was Jimmy Fallon.

"Shaaaaaark!" yells Rihanna from a tiny inflatable boat. We'll see if she decides to leave her yacht ever again.

Why? Because it's all part of Simon Cowell's master plan to make Paula Abdul look like the put-together one. That's why.

How did Michael Strahan beat out Seth Meyers, Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Groban to become the new co-host of "Live! With Kelly and Michael"? Pure strength. Oh, and it was helpful that his name is Michael.

Don't worry, Sofia Vergara isn't really in labor. She just had so many chili dogs on set that co-star Julie Bowen has to help her walk to her trailer.

We asked our Facebook followers to caption this photo of Salma Hayek and Oliver Stone. This week's winner is Francine Bruno, who wrote, "My acting coach tells me I should take on roles that are more hands on, Salma." Good job, Francine!

Just 30 seconds into the "Beverly Hills, 90210" reunion, both Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty were reminded why they don't hang out with Ian Ziering anymore.

Jon Hamm tries to keep his cool despite all the ladies in the crowd catcalling him while he's pitching. But seriously, don't you just love a man in a baseball uniform? Rawr!

Rihanna remembers that it's important to take time to laugh... even mid-song, even mid-concert.

Suddenly, it seems less mysterious that George Clooney hasn't made to the altar with one of his girlfriends.

For this photo of Kelly Osbourne grabbing Joan Rivers, we asked our Facebook fans for a caption. This week's winner? Eddie Zendegas, who wrote, "Any more face lifts and these will be on your cheeks!"

In Zac Efron's defense, golf is much harder than it looks. However, with his skills as a fictional high school basketball player, he clearly thought he could pull it off.