Top 10 Children's Books That Lead To Happy And Ambitious Life
There's no question about reading to young children. It sculpts who they are, how they think, and what they will do and read when they are older. So what are some of the best books to read to your child and why? This list has the answers! Not only are these books motivating, they are fun to read as well.

 This is an amazing and very important book to read to your child. It helps your child's development skills. This book will fill children with encouragement, determination, and a love to show their support for others.
Mike Mulligan and his trustworthy steam shovel, Mary Anne, have been through a lot together. Mike Mulligan remains loyal to Mary Anne even though everyone tells him to get a new gasoline shovel. He adamantly disagrees, saying Mary Anne can dig more in just one day than a hundred men can dig in a week! Though he's never quite sure until the opportunity to prove it appears. He's hired to build a cellar in just one day! While he's nervous, he is determined to do it. The whole town gathers 'round to show their support and encourage Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne - in the end they pull it off!
This is a very powerful book and will help children with self-esteem, believing in themselves as well as others. It is a must read and this is why it is number 1 on the list.

 This is the ultimate children's book of love, forgiveness, and expression. Reading this book to children will help with them forgive, understand a mother's love, and opens a forum to talk about actions, consequences, and that even though sometimes a parent gets mad it doesn't mean they don't still love their child.
Throughout this book we watch this child grow from a baby, to a toddler, to a teenager, to a father himself. He does some crazy things... gets into trouble like most kids do. It shows that even though he drives the mother to be upset a few times, she will always love him forever and they always work it out.
It is an amazing and very important book; no parent wants their child to feel unloved, but consequences are important, and boundaries of what is and what isn't acceptable must be set. This book will surely help any child understand.

 Just how do you explain what "gay" is to a child? What's appropriate for a child to know, and what's too much information? This book is a great start to opening your child's mind, showing that a same sex couple is a natural and beautiful thing. Better yet: It's even based on a true story!
Join these two same-sex penguins as they fall in love, want a child, get a child, and raise it. Their love is undeniable. Their journey is astounding. It explains this is a natural and okay thing. Because it is a true story, it also opens your children up to the world of non-fiction.
Reading this book to children will help them have an open mind, not be judgmental, and enrich their understanding abilities. What better way to start your child's growth than reading this award winning book and opening up conversation - all with cute, adorable penguins!

 Amelia Bedelia always makes mistakes and takes things way too literally. But she can always laugh about - as can children. This book helps let kids know that it's okay to make mistakes, and to learn from them so they don't make the same mistake twice. Plus, it's all in good humor!

 Tacky the penguin is a little different, a little weird, and a lot of fun! This book helps children learn self-expression, and that it's okay to be "weird" because everyone is a little "weird". Join Tacky on a great adventure when his brave, fun, loving, and weird personality saves the day - along with the other penguins!

 This is an incredible children's book that promotes creativity, and the wonder of possibility. It will fill them with a sense of "anything can happen" and to think "that I saw it on Mulberry Street" which suggests it can happen anywhere. All Dr. Seuss books and full of wild adventure and awe, but this one tops them all!

 Curious George is a monkey with spirit. His curiosity always gets the best of him, and he must know how everything works and what everything is. Reading this will help kids with their own curiosity. They will discover things, have adventures, see the consequences and the sticky situations this silly monkey gets himself into. It can also open a forum to talk with kids about how to appropriately express and pursue their curiosity so they don't get into as much trouble as Curious George here.

 "Guess How Much I Love You" is a touching, sweet, and a must-read book to kids. It expresses the deep bond between child and parent. It explains that love is immeasurable, and you can always love someone "to the moon and back again".

 This is a fantastic book about "what happens next". It helps children develop a bigger thought process, and start to think about consequences and what will happen after they do something. No matter what there is always an action and then a reaction - this book expresses that idea perfectly to kids in a rather fun way at that!

 Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat if you ask his mother... but if you ask him, he is a fun loving, exuberant chihuahua! Skippyjon Jones is always a fun read, and expresses creativity to kids. It makes them believe that they can be anything they want to be, go anywhere they want to go (even to a whole new world behind their closet doors). It enriches the imagination, and fills you with wonder and belief!