The Most Expensive Transfers In The History Of World Football

This summer has brought noticeable adjustments in the top 11 expensive transfers : Bale broke into the top ten , Neymar , Falcao and Cavani . List of most expensive transfers in the history of world football reveals a number of patterns at once .

First, the top 11 players includes only creative group - four attacking midfielders and seven forwards .Second, the most expensive deal ever drawn between the seasons : winter only exception was the transition Fernando Torres ' Chelsea ' - probably partly why the Spaniard failed to immediately adjust to playing team.Third, the first cast in the ranks of the bottomless wallets Spanish giants - "Real" and "Barcelona" , bought 7 of the 11 players on the list. French clubs hit the money on a South American forwards this summer , and the other two positions are occupied by the above-mentioned Torres and joined in the " Zenith" (as without the Russian club ? ) Hulk .Fourth, the Italian clubs are selling their players better than others , the four Italian Sale - in the top five list.Finally, we should note the complete absence in the ranking of German clubs - they do not sell profitably , but do not spend a lot of crazy .

  1. Gareth Bale of "Spurs" in the "Real ", € 100 million in 2013
" Our answer to Chamberlain " - a reaction to the "Real" in the transfer Neimar "Barcelona ." "Royal Club" took a big jump to score the information field in early summer belonged to Brazilian newcomer Barça . Going Bale lasted an incredibly long time , and given that the British and Spanish journalists - one of the most crafty in the world, the press constantly thrown to all new and upcoming new items ( No, it's finished ! No, it's being prepared !) Transaction. From a sporting point of view, the need Bale for " Real" is questionable - the Welshman plays the same position as that of Cristiano Ronaldo. As for the financial side, then for a long time, any good and affordable shuttle service to Europe would relate to Bale . For example, Bale - that's five Jesús Navas . 11 or Carlos Tevez .

 2. Cristiano Ronaldo "Manchester United" in the "Real", € 90 million in 2009

This transition was inevitable - the world's most glamorous soccer player had to be in the most glamorous club in the world. Crazy money invested "Real" in the purchase of Ronaldo, has long paid off not only his achievements, but also marketing. Fans of "Real" relatively painless even experienced a change in the number of Portuguese seven, under which for many years played an absolute idol worshipers "Royal Club" Raul. In the past two years, interest in Ronaldo showed and the "Manchester City" and "PSG" and "Monaco" and "Manchester United", but the amount of compensation to 200 million scares, it seems, even the Russian-Arabic-French nouveau riche . And for less money President Peres main pearl of his team did not give up and on pain of death.

 3. Zinedine Zidane of "Juventus" in "Real", € 73,5 million in 2002
If the transition Ronaldo is likely to pursue marketing objectives on a par with football, then call Zidane a flag "Galacticos" wore mostly sports need. "Real" if needed to disperse the attacking players, and when this club needed someone, are not going to skimp Madrid - only to buy. For a long time, the famous Frenchman showed that fascinating game, which expected him to fans and experts have spread rumors that Zizou crushes on the amount of his transfer, but in the end he paid for his passage by a single blow - the stunning volleem in the final of the Champions League with "Bayer" permanently logged-in screen saver main club tournament in Europe. By the way, "Juventus" on the transition was not particularly offended: the money helped the management "Old Lady" lure Gianluigi Buffon for more than 50 million

 4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, of "Inter" in the "Barcelona", € 69,5 million in 2009

While "Real" Ronaldo signed a contract with "Barcelona" has decided to keep up with arch-rival and posted almost 70 million for one of the main bad-boys of football. Interestingly, if the most expensive in the history of new Catalan club suddenly decided to work out his contract until the end, his agreement would be valid for another year - it ended in the summer of 2014, but the Swede has since managed to play for the "Milan" and "Paris Saint-Germain. "From the "Barcelona" Ibrahimovic, not the exhaust and a third of its value, left the scandals: quarreled in the dust with Guardiola and mad at Massey, describing himself as a hostage desires Argentine. Since then, the "Barcelona" solved - only Cantera. Well, or Neymar.

 5. Kaka, from "Milan" in the "Real", € 65 million in 2009

Already, perhaps, no one remembers, but the transition from Kaka, "Milan" in the "Transformers" was no less loud than Ronaldo transfer, but eventually the career paths of Portuguese and Brazilians have developed quite differently. Kaka in the "Real" had still not found himself, for the third year running unsuccessfully marketed to "Milan", "Manchester City" or any other club, and all the newspapers of the world dreams of playing time, at least for some stable position on the field. Largely Madrid during a career of Brazilian midfielder crumpled left knee injury, because of her Kaka missed the second half of the season, which could be a breakthrough in the command. But he did not.

 6. Edinson Cavani, of "Napoli" in the "Paris Saint-Germain", € 64,5 million in 2013

The owner of "Napoli" Aurelio De Laurentiis quickly oriented himself to the changed with the arrival of big money transfer market conditions and daily repeated that let Cavani only prescribed by a sum of compensation. De Laurentiis little worried about where he continued his career as the main star of the team - in England, France or Russia, he sarcastically said that "Manchester City" dropped out of the race for Cavani, as not willing to pay big money. In the end, everything turned out corny - Cavani followed his former partner Ezequiel Lavezzi and "Napoli" has received a lot of money, which you can buy, perhaps the mother of all strikers championship for Cavani of Uruguay at once. Even the beginning of the presentation Cavani in "PSG" was delayed by two hours, as the Parisians were trying to last at least a little to bring down the price, but De Laurentiis was unmoved.

 7. Radamel Falcao, from the "Athletics" in the "Monaco", € 60 million in 2013

Falcao and Cavani are doomed to eternal comparison of the new season. Uruguayan stamped goals for "Napoli" and Colombian for his powerful shoulders, pulling the "Athletics" in the Champions League, and when the club finished third, Radamel, considering it's done, went to the camp of the ambitious newcomers League 1. Falcao Monegasques cost nearly 5 million cheaper, but it does not mean that the "Monaco" negotiators better - both got new clubs after activation points of kickbacks. Note that Falcao month and a half has been the most expensive transfer in the history of the league one, but considering the ambitions and plans, "PSG" and "Monaco", quite possibly, the year of the Colombian fall even triple.

 8. Luis Figo, from the "Barcelona" in the "Real", € 60 million in 2000
Figo was part of a "galactic" of the "Real" of the century, however, this transfer is remarkable not so much the amount as the circumstances of the transition. The Portuguese moved to the "Real" of "Barcelona," and fans of the Catalan club, to put it mildly, this step is not approved. As a result, led to a transfer to one of the highlights in the history of the clásico, when the match in Barcelona was almost derailed - Serve corner Figo fans attacked harvested coins, glasses, lighters and even a pig's head, landing a few meters from Barcelona's former idol of the public.

 9. Fernando Torres of "Liverpool" in "Chelsea", € 58,5 million in 2011

Going forward in the winter deadline sezona-2010/11 called Liverpool-like Figo transfer reaction - burning Torres shirts everywhere, and family curses the player to the seventh generation. As a result, a "Liverpool", as it turned out, made ​​perhaps the best in the history of the transaction, as the game Torres "Chelsea" is still far from the amount paid. I only wish that the money invested in the red ineptly Andy Carroll.

 10. Neymar, from the "Santos" in the "Barcelona", € 57 million in 2013

The saga called "Neymar leaves. No, it is up to the World Cup. No, it goes away. No, not in the "Barcelona". No, get away "lasted more than a year and ended safely. Neymar restored the balance of ethnic Brazilians shaken with the departure of Alcantara, and took his 11 th issue, and the prospect of a football player in Europe in general and in the "Barcelona" in particular only be estimated. If you do not get - Ibrahimovic know why this might happen.

11. Hulk, from the "Port" in the "Zenith", € 55 million in 2012

The emergence of the Brazilian Petersburg club revenue increased marketing of "Zenith", but from a sporting point of view, the first year of the new football team was not very successful. Hulk who came to the "Zenith" as an absolute star, faced with alienation on the part of some Russian players blue-white-blue, often over-tighten the covers, has earned the dubious reputation of the incident at every opportunity the player, but also scored some important goals. Move to Russia cost him at least for the sake of the European press titles appear something like the June "Real" wants to rent the "Zenith" Hulk "- sounds, you see, it's funny.