Celebs Who Resort And Abuse Drugs
When you hit the peak of fame and fortune, life becomes difficult and identities a blur. Dealing with fame day in and day out becomes a challenge and many celebrities search for a therapy. Usually something to take them far, far away. And one of the only things that can take celebrities away from their subdued, shattered lives is the hard, fast life of drugs.

 Heath Ledger
Actor Heath Ledger died as a result of drug abuse. Authorities found Ledger unconscious and surrounded by sleeping and anti-anxiety pills. Police called Ledger’s death an accidental prescription drug overdose. Ledger was also battling a heroin addiction.  

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is the queen of rehabilitation centers. The former Disney star has been battling drug addiction since 2007. Lohan has checked in and out of rehab centers for the use of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol abuse. She currently resides at the Betty Ford Clinic. Good luck, Lindsay! 

Elvis Presley
The King of Rock 'N' Roll was a hardcore prescription drug user, which eventually deteriorated his health. Elvis Presley was a fan of “downer” medications including sleeping pills and painkillers. A total of ten drugs were found in Presley’s system at the time of death.

 Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith lived a short, but fast life. She was a heavy prescription drug user and used drugs like chloral hydrate and Valium. She died in 2007 of combined drug intoxication.

Kurt Cobain
The lead singer of Nirvana had difficulty coping with his public image and fast fame, which lead him to heroin. Kurt Cobain was a heavy heroin user for the last years of his life and committed suicide in 1994, just days after checking out of a rehab facility.

Whitney Houston
Most people blame Bobby Brown for Whitney Houston’s drug addiction. It’s said that Houston started using drugs in 2000, going from marijuana to crack to prescription drugs to cocaine. On February 11, 2012 Houston drowned in a Beverly Hills hotel. Drugs found in her system at the time of death included cocaine, Benadryl, Xanax, marijuana and Flexeril.

Brittany Murphy
 The word around the block was that Brittany Murphy was a heavy heroin and cocaine user, but the star never publicly admitted to the claims. In 2009, she died and her death was ruled an accident caused by a combination of pneumonia, iron deficiency and “multiple drug intoxication.”

 Gerard Butler
He’s a mega Hollywood actor with an addictive personality. In February 2012, Gerard Butler was in rehab battling prescription drug addiction. Butler is also a recovering alcoholic.

Marilyn Monroe
It’s said that The Blonde Bombshell used drugs and alcohol to mask the pain and hardship she endured throughout her life. Marilyn Monroe lived a glamorous and fast life, which ended when she overdosed on prescription meds. Authorities called it a probable suicide.  

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne is an avid ‘sizzurp’ user. ‘Sizzurp’ which is also known as Codeine or cough syrup, is legal and highly addictive. Lil Wayne was hospitalized twice this year for seizures caused by the popular drug.  

Amy Winehouse
 Artist Amy Winehouse struggled with drug addiction for most of her life. She consumed just about everything from heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, Valium and heavy amounts of alcohol. Winehouse’s life ended on July 23, 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning.

Michael Jackson
The King of Pop’s drug problem took off in 1984 and mainly consisted of prescription drugs. Michael Jackson denied having a drug problem and refused help from his family. In June 2009, he died and the county coroner stated that Jackson's death was caused from a combination of prescription drugs. The Jackson family is still undergoing a legal suit in regards to his death.  

Jack Osbourne
 At the age of 17, Jack Osbourne started using OxyContin. Osbourne had the guts to confront his parents with the problem, knowing that it would lead to rehab and a full-on media event. Osbourne checked into rehab and said goodbye to drugs for good. In April 2013, he celebrated 10 years of sobriety.