Amazing Fractals Found In Nature

by Kashif Masood | 21:49 in , |

Amazing Fractals Found In Nature

Fractals: Nipple Shell
This is also a raid boss in World of Warcraft

 Fractals: Eat Your Veggies
This tastes alright in salads but will blow your mind after a few drinks.

 Fractals: Chill
Ice is all kinds of mathy. It mocks our intern who dropped out in grade 8.

 Fractals: Spinning
Damn nature, you smart.

 Fractals: Going Geen
Because they do nothing else they had to have mathematical patterns in them.

 Fractals: Inside the Shell
It's like looking into infinity! Or not, what do we know?

 Fractals: Snow Blow
How do you stop the snow from melting on the microscope? Oh, you make it cold.

 Fractals: Range O Mountains
Mountains aren't just breeding grounds for dirty goats.

 Fractals: Leafy
Not as cool as Leif Garret, but it's something

 Fractals: Rage of the Heavens
Lightning crashes, yo