People Who Make Them The Super Hero

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People Who Make Them The Super Hero
A selection of actors and those who make them, for the most dangerous job.

 Dwayne Johnson and understudy in the pictures "blood and sweat"

 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, "Knight and Day"

 Robert Pattinson "Twilight"

Brad Pitt "War of the Worlds Z"

  Angelina Jolie's "Salt"

 Charlize Theron

 Cary Fisher and backup Tracy addons in images of Star Wars

 Again Jolie on the set of the movie "Salt"

 Januarius Jones stunt double in the X-Menachem

 Jennifer Lopez on the set of the video

 Kate Beckinsale

 Regina King in the TV series "Southland"

 Uma Thurman and Zoe Bell, well, a movie so everyone knows =)

 Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell in the series about Xena - Warrior Princess

 Tom Cruise and his understudy, Michael McIntyre on the set of "Knight and Day"

Shia LaBaff a backup on the set of "Transformers"

  Those who dubbed Daniel Radcliffe and iRobbi Coltrane in Harry Potter

 Tom Hardy's stunt double in the film with "Fighter"

 And finally, Jackie Chan with his regular backup, which is removed from all the movies with Jackie Chan