Secret Passages And Hidden Rooms

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Secret Passages And Hidden Rooms

 The events of the past can be illustrated with the help of secret corridors, secret rooms and tunnels unremarkable. Thanks to them both won and lost the war, carried out coups. At times, the country changed beyond recognition just because of the well positioned handles. Now there is still a lot of hiding places: from the Tijuana drug tunnels and ending with hidden doors that hide the most expensive wines.

 One of the oldest secret corridors have been found in Egypt. In the pyramid of Cheops (Giza), you can see a long tunnel leading to the entrance to the burial chamber.

 And this is a disguised entrance to the reading room at the National Library of Vienna (Austria).

 Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam used as a shelter in the battle. In addition, they placed communication centers, a variety of routes, hospitals, food and weapon supplies, as well as rooms for overnight guerrillas.

 Secret room in a former school «Country Day Ford». Previously it was a Tudor mansion in Los Altos Hills (California).

 Secret passageway leads to this restaurant-hopper in Lviv (Ukraine). The interior is dedicated to Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

 Here we see the entrance to the underground warehouse Hezbollah. In 2006, during an IDF operation in the central part of southern Lebanon, IDF soldiers found a hidden bunker beneath the trees, which was full of weapons and rocket launchers.

 This two hundred meter tunnel in Tijuana that was used by drug traffickers, was routed through the U.S. border with Mexico. "Where is the door?" You ask. It is located under the bathroom sink in a warehouse in Tijuana. Captured during a raid in 2012.

 A lot of people want to stay in privacy and security. In this billiard room is a secret passage. It was designed by "Creative Home Engineering", which specializes in interior design.

 This shifts the closet leads to the armory. She also designed the "CHE".

 Bookshelves? And here and there - a hidden door.

Wood panels are perfect for a secret door.

 Wall made ​​of stone? Far from it! This is a secret door leading to the wine cellar with probably very expensive varieties of wine.

 Behind this lies a decorative mirror repository.

 Another wall of stone? No, another door.

This garage is a Victorian style on Oak Street in San Francisco is not so secret, and yet, he skillfully camouflaged on a bay window.

  This complex was built with the design of library shelving. Rolling blocks apart, turning into the workplace.

 These bookshelves apart and lead to a small room in the style of Harry Potter.

 Hidden behind a wooden panel door.

 A hidden door leads into a home gym.