The Man With The Biggest Cell Phone Bill In History

 Chris Hadfield has been a hot topic for the past couple of days. He’s very famous and loved by most people. Chris Hadfield is a Canadian by birth, born in Sarnia, Ontario on August 25th 1959 but was raised in Milton, Ontario. He is the husband to Helene Hadfield and they have been blessed with three kids. The parents of this amazing man are Roger and Eleanor Hadfield. Chris grew up on a corn farm and his interest in flying developed from a very young age after he watched the Apollo moon landing as a young boy.

 He graduated from high school in 1977 from the Milton District High School. He also went to the Royal Military School where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with Honors in 1982. In 1992 he received a Masters in Aviation Systems from from the University of Tennessee. Chris attended various piloting schools where he usually emerged at the top in his class. Over the years he got to fly almost 70 different types of aircrafts.
His career as an astronaut started in 1992 when he was selected from a group of 5330 applicants together with three others as Canadian astronauts. Later in that same year he was assigned to NASA’s Johnson Space center which is situated in Huston. While there, he worked on technical and safety issues and helped in the development of the shuttle glass cockpit. He served for 25 missions as the NASA Chief Capcom and has held various posts under the NASA organisation in the past 20 years or so. He was a very important part of their staff since he brought in the required experience and expertise.
In September 2010 it was announced that he would be the first Canadian to command a Space center after he was assigned expedition 34/35. The expedition launched on the 19th of December, 2012 and it made him the second Canadian to take part in a long duration space flight aboard the world famous ISS. Their craft docked with the station on the 21st of December, 2012. During the second part of his five month stay he was the Commander. He only recently came back on May 13, 2013 and he is enjoying a lot of attention from the media for his stint there.

 Hadfield came back a very happy man but he was unlucky to be hit with the biggest cell phone bill in history of a whooping $1.37 million. This was the bill that had accumulated over his five month stay on the Space Station. This has stirred a lot of debate and amazement from people everywhere. The bill is just too high and unimaginable for most people. The charges are due to his data usage and data roaming costs incurred during his stay in space.
When asked about his monstrous phone bill, Chris said that it was just ridiculous. The 53 year old who had commanded the Space Station said that he had only Instagrammed a couple hundred pictures that showed the sun going up over the Sahara desert in Africa and a thunderstorm which was over the Pacific. He also claimed that he only posted a couple dozen videos on Twitter of him eating and he had watched some videos of strange goats that sounded like humans on YouTube. Chris is the owner of an Iphone 5 and does not think that the bill corresponds with his usage costs.
 He was also asked the reason as to why he did not choose a data plan that was much better. His response was that he was not going to be ripped of $20 dollars while he would be orbiting our planet. He also added a statement saying that his parents would kill him because of those charges.
While in space he made a music video that has already gone viral. The views stand at about 7 million, two days after its release. Hadfield has made people appreciate astronauts more. He is not afraid of the public and has used the social media tools at his disposal very well. He will definitely go down as one of the most famous astronauts ever.