Optical Illusions That'll Confuse The Hell Out Of You

Illusion: Third Rod
Known as a Blivet. Where is it coming from!?

llusion: The Impossible Cube
 Eyes can't adjust... 

Illusion: Hermann Grid Illusion
The horizontal lines are straight.

 Illusion: Dizzy Time
Feeling sick. It works! Hooray!

 Illusion: White Lines Or Grey Spots?
It keeps changing for us.

 Illusion: Fraser Spiral Illusion
Those aren't spirals. Brain hurty.

 Illusion: Where's The Giraffe?
Just look for it.

 Illusion: Ebbinghaus Illusion
Those orange circles are the same size.

 Illusion: Same Color
The blue and green are the same colors. Check it out in Photoshop if you think we're liars.

 Illusion: What!?
Brain. Explode.