Kate Middleton Dropped From The List Of ‘Sexiest Women’

Stop the presses, folks! Kate Middleton is no longer of the sexist women alive!
For those of you unfamiliar with the British men's magazine FHM, you can now lament an image of this glossy rag with its top 100 sexist women 2013 list culled from a poll by its readers. Because of course, the world is in seriously short supply of "sexist women" lists.

It appears Middleton's disappearance from the FHM ranking, despite being numbered 33 last year, is being reported as either an insult or a sign of respect due to her soon-to-be motherly status.
"She’s married to the future King of England, she’s the granddaughter-in-law of the reigning queen, and she’s got a baby on the way—maybe placing her alongside girls in monokinis and wet T-shirts isn’t the nation’s first priority," reports StyleCaster.com.
Huffington Post has even taken the liberty to tell the public why she is -- in fact -- still sexy -- damn it. Among other things, she can rock a maternity dress and a sheer dress like no ones business. Lucky for the Middletons though, their blood line isn't totally absent from the FHM sexist women list. Pippa Middleton slid in at 58. As for the other list contenders? Top honours went to 29-year-old American actress Mila Kunis who has appeared in "Black Swan" and "Friends With Benefits." Followed by Rihanna who came in 2nd, Kate Upton in 8th, Taylor Swift in 12th, and Megan Fox in 17th. Ladies and gentleman, its time for you to weigh in on the fun. Who do you think is the sexist woman alive? Tell us in the comments.