Phrase Love Or What Women Want

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Phrase Love Or What Women Want

Communication with women would walk in a foggy yard full of rakes, if they had not talked in similar situations the same.Women do not always mean what they say. 
Before you worship female phrases. To this was added the answers that will serve to reinforce your understanding. After all, mutual understanding - this is what we primarily want from women. Apart from everything else.

 Number 1 "Do you love me?"
This means, that you were a villain and missed a few times everyday ritual statements of our love.
Correct answer: "My love for you is great as the volume of the oceans compared to a bag of orange juice!" Wrong answer: "I​​'ve already said everything about it, when we met again, why do you ask?"

Number 2, "Hello, where are you?"
It means: "I decided to compare your schedule with planned and listen at the same time, there are no strangers in the background of women's voices." Mobile communication has changed our lives, that we owe entry into use of this new type of female greeting.
The correct answer is: "Hi, I went to the store to see gifts to your parents, and even ahead of many holidays ..."
Wrong answer: "Why?"

№ 3 "I'm not fat?"
It means: "It is urgent, tell me how beautiful I am." Men's assessment is based on their appearance first hear the views and remained fairly stable until the clinically proven refutation. That is, forty years before man feels slender and curly (as certificated by his great-aunt, pointing to the prom photo), and begins to position himself fat and bald, only when the doctor will write in black and white in the map "obesity" and "alopecia". Women's self-esteem changed two or three times a day and depends on regular injections of compliments.Correct answer: "Ha-ha-ha! You - a reed, you must forcibly fattened as dystrophies. "Wrong answer: "Of course, you can hardly be called skinny, but on the whole it is not important."

 № 4 "I can not ..."
 It means: "I will not have sex with you." That is clear and without words - she fastens sad, kind of a little guilty. You stay in the overexcited confused: so - it's like? How exactly it can not? Feel underdeveloped lustful animal, unable to understand the subtle mechanisms of female psychology. In fact, the values ​​of "I can not" vary widely. From "on the first date" and "I'm married (you're married)" to "a cackle of your buddies from the next room" and "I have these days." You got tonkochuvstvuyuschaya nature, giving such thing as sex with you, it is very important. Tushuysya not, go to the end, and maybe it can unexpectedly so. Not this time, because the next one.The correct answer is: "I know what you mean. Just feeling sometimes stronger than logic. "Wrong answer: "Well! And that to me now - that's how to walk? "

 Number 5 "I'm pregnant!"
 This means: that you have to make a very important decision. Because the kids - it's a nightmare, but to live a life without children somehow quite boring. Now the main thing - to arrange everything so that the solution was not without you. And again, try to respond with joy at first, just so, to increase global optimism.The correct answer is: "Wow, that's great! We need to seriously discuss it. "Wrong answer: "Are you comfortable to have an abortion in the environment? I happen to have a discount card in our women's clinic. "

Number 6 "We know too little!"
It means: "I am a little afraid of you, and do not have sex on the first (second) date." There is a rule. This does not affect the quality of your future relationships will just have to wait a bit. You, too, have their own little rules, such as not showing on the first date the collection whips and handcuffs.
The correct answer is: "And I think we've known for a thousand years!"
Wrong answer: "Now I'm going to the bathroom, come back, and it will be like a second date, okay?"

Number 7 "Buy me a napkin."