What Were Celebrities Thinking?

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What Were Celebrities Thinking?

Ke$ha’s flower-power outfit at Pure Nightclub's 8th Anniversary Party in Las Vegas is giving us allergies. ‘Nuff said.

Dear Demi Lovato, Why did you raid your 10-year-old self's closet and wear your pink Betty Boop jean jacket to L.A. mall The Grove? Vintage is in, but this doesn't count. 

Hey Eva Mendes – Minnie Mouse called and she wants her dress back. The “The Place Beyond the Pines” actress was spotted in NYC on Sunday at New York's Waldorf Astoria promoting her indie flick, but the only thing we could focus on was her Disney-inspired getup. Put the polka dots away. Please!

Who needs style when you can have sparkly arm bands? The only thing missing from Debbie Harry's '80s-inspired getup is a fanny pack. Sigh.

Oh snap! It looks like Ivana Trump killed Sesame Street's beloved trash-can character, Oscar the Grouch, and wore him as a cape as she shopped in Milan, Italy.

It should have been all about Emilio Estefan on Sunday night. After all it was the music producer's 60th birthday party. But as usual, his Conga-loving wife, Gloria, stole the show -- and not in a good way -- with her hideous, floral, wide-leg pants and way-too-tight belt-shirt combo.

When he's not crashing one of pal Justin Bieber's cars, Lil Twist has been busy robbing the ugly thermal shirt shop. Perhaps he could strong-arm the Biebs into getting him a new wardrobe, too.

Shia LaBeouf is obviously a firm believer in the idea that the couple who wears the same grungy outfit together stays together. Right? Discuss.