What Men Really Want In A Woman

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What Men Really Want In A Woman

Freezing temps can leave even the biggest commitment-phobes craving someone to snuggle with. So we got guys to open up about just what they want in a Little Spoon they'd love to curl up with long after the seasons have shifted.

"I kind of want the opposite of most guys I know: I'd secretly love a girl that's bad at cooking—all the easier for me to wow her with some of my home-cooked specialties." —Christian B.

"I want to be with a girl who, if she's on a different page from me on something, can hold her own in a debate about it. Disagreements can keep things fun." —Andrew H.

"I want a woman who doesn't act like a child when things don't go her way. You've got to be able to lose occasionally and show grace and poise in those moments (And I do too)." —Brady C.

"I want to get serious with a girl who pushes me to have a successful career. It motivates me when I talk to my girlfriend about work and she calls me out on being complacent or not doing everything I can to be the best at what I do. It really helps me to stay focused, especially since the whole reason I'm working is to be able to one day provide for a family." —Ryan G.

"I want a girl with a sense of adventure—it keeps things interesting. No matter how fun a routine might be, it can get boring eventually. Whether it's taking a cooking class or going skydiving, it's great to be with someone who's open to new things. Dates with my girlfriend can range from trips to the zoo to checking out musicians at a weird, random warehouse party." —Alex R.

 "It's important to me to find someone understanding who realizes and respects that there are certain things that make guys, well, guys. We might not always be interested in the same things as women and might sometimes need our own guy time. As we move closer together in our relationship, certain things will begin to happen as a unit and we'll be a team, but it's still key to me to have someone who allows and understands those differences."
—Marlon J.

"I need a woman who's trusting and doesn't get jealous easily. Above all, it shows me that she's confident in our relationship and in herself." —Dennis R.

"I really fall for someone who has gone through their own trials or tribulations and come out on top as a better person. It's a real test of character." —Oliver M.

"I want to lock down a girl that gets along with my friends. It's really important because friends can see through the BS that you can't when you're too infatuated with someone. So if she can sway my boys and have them eventually tell me, 'Dude, she's pretty cool,' without my asking them, I would definitely call it a win." —Blake S.

"Above all, I want a girl who can deal with my faults and love me for who I am, even on my worst days." —Alan A.

"Smart is sexy, so knowledge that eclipses my own would be amazing. I want her to humble me in a way that makes me legitimately appreciate her intellect and approach to conversation." —Max S.

"More than anything, I want support. I don't need tons of commonalities—I'd rather a woman back me in the things I'm passionate about that she doesn't have in common with me. She doesn't need to love motorcycles and MMA or breakdancing and cooking, but if she understands and gives unconditional support despite our differences, I think that can really make a relationship." —Luan N.