Very Unusual Children Of The World

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Very Unusual Children Of The World

Of course, every parent is sure that his children - the most-most.
After this selection you can change your mind ... or try to beat the record set.

 Lizzie Clark (Lizzy Clark) is rightly recognized as the poor kid in the world. Unable perechislist everything she could have done in childhood. The worst of its "faults" are dated 1995: 
- Knife carved the words "Wash Me" on the newly purchased "Cadillac of his parents; 
- Make candles of the 5 $ 100 bills (my mother's bags); 

- Has 167 long distance calls with the White House, demanding the phone call daughter of Bill Clinton; 
- I took a hose and poured into his parents' bedroom a few hundred liters of water; 
- To blow up the toilet, placing it on a bunch of firecrackers; 
- Mom's Favorite Orchid destroyed by gas lighters; 
- Scissors cut the dog's tail; 
- Blinded two cats; 
- The journalist, who came to visit her, put a teddy bear in his pocket and shouted that he wanted to steal it from her. 
Parents said they could not punish her ​​child just because she is small (8 years). They probably did not think that then it will be almost impossible to do.

 Lu Hao (Lu Hao) from China, the fattest kid in the world. When the boy was born, his weight was normal (2.6 kg). But after a few months he began to gain weight rapidly. When Lou was 3 years old, his weight was 60 kg. Interestingly, the boy would not stop crying and crying until he will eat. Parents of small fat man in shock, they took him to the doctors who failed to explain the inordinate appetite and weight Hao.

Giuliano build (Giuliano Stroe) from Romania in their 8 years already is the strongest kid on the planet. In 2009, he was in the Guinness Book of Records, wrung from the floor to the same hands with his feet in the air. His father is blamed for excessive load on the boy, but he says that did not press on it. According to his father, Giuliano involved as much as he can withstand. Like all children, he loves cartoons, games and everything else.
Oscar Wrigley (Oscar Wrigley) is the smartest kid in my 2 years (as of this writing it for 5 years). His IQ (intelligence quotient) was equal to 160, as well as Albert Einstein. It perfectly erudite, knows a hundred times more peers and has already been adopted in the ranks of the most intelligent people in the world (Oxford Club "Mensa").

 World's smallest baby was born September 19, 2004 at 26 weeks of gestation. With the growth of 24 centimeters girl Rumaisa Rahman (Rumaisa Rahman) weighed only 243 grams (less drinks in aluminum cans). Such early delivery due to a sharp decline in maternal Rumaisy. She started the blood pressure, so I had to give birth, to save at least a child. The girl was not born one, and with his sister. Sister Hiba weighed 2 times more - 570 grams.

Karan Singh (Karan Singh) - the highest in the world for a child of their two years. Its height is 130 cm, and weighs "baby" 42 kilograms. Karan's mother is also very high, but only in Asia. Her height is 2 meters 20 centimeters, this happy family lives in India.

 Jail Lingdo (Jerly Lyngdoh) lived in India for 27 years, as is the development of two-year old child, weight 11 kg, height 84 cm, so is the oldest child in the world. The only criterion by which to determine the age of Jail - it teeth. The doctor, who showed his parents, the child can not cure the disease. They believe. That he was ill rare disease «pan-hypo pituitarism». It just does not give a person grow.