The Most Strange Finding Of Customs

 1. Perhaps the most strange thing that ever seized customs officers, was found in the year of 2007 at London's Stansted Airport. An unexpected finding was ten human eyeballs floating in a jar of jam.

2. All in the same UK, Coventry Airport, customs officials intercepted one pair of gloves, equipped with claws in the style of famous horror movie character Freddy Krueger.
 3. The find in the luggage of two Italians led to shock the entire staff at Munich Airport. During a routine x-ray scanning procedure in a bag for women was found a human skeleton. Customs lady assured that the remains belong to their relatives, who died in Brazil. Moreover, they had the relevant documents for the transportation of such unusual cargo.

 4. The international airport of London Heathrow was detained African prince, who was educated in England. Man caught trying to smuggle cocaine concealed inside the bulbs in the amount of one hundred and sixty three thousand pounds sterling.

 5. In 2012, the year of the German Customs managed to remove a large amount of cash hidden in a cookie. Smugglers neatly tied up every bill and put in sand tubes filled with cream.

6. Once in Greece, near Corinth, were seized from smugglers ancient statues, which are believed archaeologists are to the sixth century BC.