The Largest Spider In The World

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The Largest Spider In The World

 People who like spiders in the world is not so much, although in recent years the terrible hairy creation began to enjoy popularity in the West as the home "pets." Still, most of the human form spider remains a tremor / aversion / fear and the like is not very pleasant, and their intensity depends on the size of what you see being. In this article you will learn about the largest representative of the arachnids. So, meet, Terafoza Blond - the biggest spider in the world!

Perhaps the more common name for many will be Goliath tarantula or a giant tarantula as Terafoza Blond - name, distributed mainly in the scientific community, but the essence remains the same - under all these names lies the largest spider in the world.
So, imagine a spider the size of a large plate, with a large body and long thick legs, entirely covered with reddish-brown hairs ...

Imagining such a sight, and even more so - seeing it in reality, right in front of him, could not help wonder - how to make a "pet" instead of the more usual, gentle and pleasant to look at and touch the cat or dog. But in recent times the number of such eccentric owners, Bogolyubov constantly growing ...

 On average, giant tarantulas grow up to 25 centimeters (with legs outstretched), the length of the calf is about 10 centimeters.

 His most large specimen was found in the Rio CAVR in Venezuela during a research expedition Pablo San Martin in April 1965. Legspan Goliath tarantula found was 28 inches, and weight - 170 grams.

 First appearance Terafoza Blond was described by the famous French scientist entomologist Latreylem in 1804. It was also revealed that his diet consists of frogs, lizards, mice, and even small snakes.

 The largest spider in the world lives, mainly in the North of Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. His dwelling is a deep hole, the entrance to which is securely closed with a thick layer of cobwebs.

 Although Goliath tarantula, and is the largest spider in the world, there is still one kind, surpassing his limbs in scope, but much inferior to the body size - Heteropoda maxima, legspan reaches 30 centimeters. The largest specimen was discovered in 2001 in Laos, in a cave in the province Khammuan.