The Girl HasThree Biological Mothers

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The Girl Has Three Biological Mothers

For decades all over the world in the treatment of infertility are various methods of assisted reproductive technology. Recently, in the English town of Romford in Essex (Romford, Essex) was born perfectly normal-looking girl. But her birth was a collaborative effort, not only doctors, but also relatives of the young mother - and her husband and through
The girl's mother 31-year-old Kathy Slade (Katy Slade) was born with a rare congenital defect - it has no internal reproductive organs. O was diagnosed, she learned even as a girl. To somehow reassure her, Lucy Marks (Lucy Marks), the younger sister of Katie's sister has promised to give his egg. After a while Kathy Slade, a teacher in primary school, got married, but the conception and birth of a child with its anomalies were quite impossible.

But Kathy and her husband David (David Slade) really wanted to have a son or daughter. For a discussion of this issue was called "the big family meeting" with close relatives from both the wife and husband.
 Lucy Marks (Lucy Marks), the younger sister Katie reminded her of his half-joking promise made in adolescence - Lucy committed, as an adult, to give her sister the egg. After hearing about the promise, the elder sister of David, 35, Jamie (Jamie Allan) immediately made a counter-offer - she agreed to become a surrogate mother in law and make for a child. The most surprising is that this plan is found full support from physicians - withdrawn from the body Lucy egg fertilized with sperm and implanted it David Jamie. As a result of this "family contract" at the appointed time was born a perfectly healthy little girl, who was given the name of Beatrice (Beatrix).

 Now Beatrice 3 mother, though her great-grandmother (or grandmother Cathy) pretends to be a "mom № 4": the success of the event would not be possible if Eileen Slade (Eileen Slade) is not donated to a good cause 8000 pounds ( more than 12,000 U.S. dollars) - almost all of his savings.

 33-year-old David Slade, working tattoo artist, admitted: "We still can not believe we're parents. We are the happiest couple on earth. Beatrix - our little angel and we will be eternally grateful to our sisters for that embody our dream. "