The Cost Of Creating The Most Famous Logos

Everyone knows that the most famous and popular logos have not fallen from the sky.
The world's leading companies to pay a certain amount for the design of its logo.
What is most surprising and funny - prices range from $ 15 to millions of greenbacks.
See our prices for the development of the most famous logos.

 Nike: $ 35
Co-founder of Nike Phil Knight bought his famous logo in 1971, engaged in graphic design student Carolyn Davidson. Knight taught accounting at the University of Portland and overheard Carolyn complained that she did not have enough money to paint. He proposed a student earn a $ 2 per hour, with the result that there was a world known image.

Microsoft: $ 0
 Development of a new logo in 2012, the company carried out its own Microsoft.

Google: $ 0
 Over the years, the multicolored Google logo of the company has undergone many changes.The authorship of the first version belongs to company co-founder Sergey Brin For he was a free image editor GIMP. And on the following versions of the designer worked Ruth Kedar, Brin and Page's girlfriend at Stanford University. 
 Twitter: $ 15
 Twitter bought the rights to his now-famous bird for $ 15 online photobank iStockphoto.A designer of a bird - Briton Simon Oxley - got for it, as a result, a measly six dollars.True, since the logo has undergone some changes.

 Coca-Cola: $ 0
 The famous logo of Coca-Cola in 1886, the company's founder invented partner and bookkeeper, Frank Robinson.According to the information posted in the official website, Robinson suggestedthe name Coca-Cola, considering that the two letters fromon advertising will look spectacular. He promised to create a unique logo and long experimentedwith the spelling of the company name Spencerian script complex, until we get what we got.

 Enron: $33,000
Paul Rand was paid $33,000 for creating the Enron logo in the 1990s. Rand also created logos for ABC, IBM, UPS, NeXT, and Westinghouse.

 Pepsi: $ 1,000,000
In 2008, the designers of the Arnell Group updated the company logo and the Pepsi received for this project a tidy sum of one million dollars.

 BBC: $ 1,800,000
The company's logo was designed by BBC in 1997. Prior to that, as the logo used image of the globe with sloping colored letters underneath.
 NeXT: $ 100,000
Logo for the American computer company NeXT in 1986, commissioned by
Steve Jobs has developed artist Paul Rand and received for his work 100 thousand dollars.

 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014: $ 95,000
Design agency Marque logo received for international competitions athletes 95,000 dollars.

 BP: $ 211 million
According to information obtained from the website Stock Logos, BP paid in 2008 for the logo
unimaginable 211 million. While this is a record.

Olympics 2012 in London: $ 625,000
Development of the controversial logo for the Olympic Games last year in London by specialists
design company Wolff Ollins. It cost 400,000 euros or 625,000 dollars. Many saw in this image of a couple, engage in oral sex.

 Accenture: $ 100 million
Logo consulting company Accenture has become one of the most expensive in history.