One Wife For Five Brothers

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One Wife For Five Brothers

A young woman said that she had five husbands, who had each other brothers.
21-year-old Rajo Verma lives with them in the same room ...

A young mother of one child every night sleeping with another brother and does not know which of her five husbands is the father of 18-month-old son. This situation can seem strange, but for the residents of a small village near the city of Dehradun, in northern India, it is absolutely normal. According to the traditions of the village, a woman marries all the brothers of her first husband. "Initially, it felt a little awkward. But I love them all equally. I can not say that one was closer to me the other" - the woman told reporters.

 Rajo and her first husband were married Guddu with all Hindu rituals four years ago. Since then, she married 32-year Baiju, 28-year-old Santa Ram Gopal 26-year and 19-year-old Dinesh - the last brother who married her when he was 18 years old. "We all have sex with her, but I'm not jealous. We are one big happy family" - says Guddu first husband, who remains the only official spouse.

Formed hundreds of years ago the ancient tradition of polyandry, previously widely practiced in India but now respected minority. Tradition of providing polyandry, preserved in areas where there is still dominated by men. In fraternal polyandry woman becomes the wife of each of the brothers of his official husband. The tradition is believed to have originated from the popular collection of epic stories and novels Mahabharatp that mention of Draupadi, daughter of King Punch, who was married to five brothers. This practice is also considered a way to preserve agricultural land in the family. Rajo said she had known from childhood that was waiting for her when she grows up, as her own mother had been married to three brothers. She said that they sleep together, because they have no beds, they just spread out "a lot of blankets on the floor."

"I get a lot more attention and love than most wives," - she added.