Men With The Mysterious Powers

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Men With The Mysterious Powers

Candy Jones, America's most successful model of the 1940's, was a victim of mind control through a programme of hypnosis possibly organised by sections of the CIA. One of the most important factors in this case is that she was only able to recall these incidents of mind manipulation through hypnosis performed on her by husband Long John Nebel.
Candy was born Jessica Wilcox in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on 31st  December 1925. Her mother seems to have been both puritanical and cold; her father deserted them when she was three, after which Jessica and her mother moved to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, staying with her grandmother. She grew to love her grandmother more than her parents, hardly surprising as she once described her father crushing her fingers in a nutmeg grater. The young girl's mother never let her mix with other children, and she was often locked in dark rooms on her own, where she developed strong relationships with imaginary friends. 
One of these friends was called Arlene, and though the other imaginary figures of her childhood were soon forgotten, Arlene remained as a second personality, growing up with Jessica. Arlene's character was almost the opposite of her own, with some of the hardness and cruelty of her mother, and a sarcastic and cruel character, with a harsh low voice, very different from hers. This split in her personality could have contributed to making her an easy subject for hypnosis later in life.
At sixteen she entered and won the 1941 Miss Atlantic City contest, which led to a job as official hostess at the Miss America pageant, and lots of publicity. She subsequently became Candy Jones, America's most famous model during the forties

While her so-called psychokinetic powers are still highlighted as the greatest of her “psychic” abilities, Nina Kulagina appears to have been a most gifted healer and “seer” with abilities that rivaled the late clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. There are stories that Kulagina could mentally see things inside people’s pockets and could see an image of a person’s illness the moment she saw them. There appears to be little or no documentation as to her ever utilizing her abilities to identify disease, even though researchers discovered that she not only had Casey’s ability to have visions of medical cures but could heal by simply laying her hands on the patient. All available reports emerging from behind the old Iron Curtain days focus on the woman’s strange ability to move objects with her mind.
Everybody has heard of Nostradamus, but how much do people really know about the man? Most people are familiar with some of his prophecies, but there are a great many more which are lesser known; and there is also much more to learn about him than just his predictions.
Nostradamus was also known as a healer and had a great interest in medical science. However he soon turned his attention to the occult, whereby he began to write annual almanacs which, when combined, contained over 6000 prophecies in total. He normally published several detailed predictions (called Almanacs) each year, as well as other more general predictions which were titled Presages or  Prognostications. Nostradamus is most famous for his apparent predictions of major world events. Some also believe that he has predicted World War 3 although no one quote specifically predicts this occurring on any specific date.

Edgar Cayce was a man who touched the lives of many thanks to his paranormal psychic gifts. During a sleep like hypnosis, he was able to see into the future and change the lives of hundreds of people. There has never been a prophet like him since Nostradamus.
If looked at by anyone, he seemed to be an ordinary man who loved his wife and two children, enjoyed gardening and photography. He was a Sunday school teacher and if left at that, you would think he was just an ordinary lovable man. But he also had a gift of seeing into the future which he used to help others. For the better part of his 43 years, he was able to place himself into a semi-conscious state and he would be able to see both past and future time. People would not restrict their questions to just ask about the future
Cayce also known as “The Sleeping Prophet” was in the habit of lying on his back, closing his eyes and folding his hands over his stomach after which he would induce himself into a sleep like state. It was in this state that he was able to give out any information asked about a person as long as he was given a name and the place the person was at. His readings were recorded and he kept one copy while another was sent to the person who requested the readings. His readings were so accurate such that they were documented and filed. There has never been a psychic who has had his work documented as much as that of Cayce. There are about 14000 recorded readings of his.

There are so many uncertainties surrounding The Count of Saint Germain that he seems to be more of a legend than a man. We can confirm that he walked the earth and had quite a reputation in 18th century Europe, but it’s hard to extract the facts from fiction. Those with a love for the paranormal would insist that all the strange stories surrounding him are truth. Of course, we would have to believe that he really was “a man who knows everything and who never dies”, just like Voltaire had once noted.
The life of the Count of Saint Germain was shrouded in mystery from the very beginning.  While historians generally agree that he was likely born around 1712, the rest is unclear. Due to the way he came in the company of royalty with no verifiable past, many attributed his youthful appearance to time manipulation. Some thought he found a way to freeze time, for just himself, during sleep. Others suggested he was from another time entirely and travelled freely whenever necessary.  Additionally, several people have claimed to be the Count of Saint Germain over the span of several centuries.

J. Raoul Derosiers, a Canadian businessman, allegedly had one of the strangest talents on record, he could, apparently, see deep into solid earth. This x-ray vision was at one time known as ‘water witching’, but nowadays is more commonly called water divining or dowsing.
According to the story, Derosiers had often suffered from acute stabbing pains under his lower ribs but, although the attacks were painful, they never lasted long, so he didn’t take too much notice of them. In 1940, however, the attacks started to occur more frequently and for much longer durations, convincing him that he needed to visit a doctor. The doctor though the problem was mainly psychological, and would be cured by rest. Accordingly he prescribed Derosiers sleeping pills, and indeed, this appeared to work for a while.