7 Creative, Out-of-the-Box First Date Ideas 

There's nothing wrong with meeting for drinks on a first date, but doing something totally unexpected can make the experience that much more sexy, according to Chiara Atik, resident expert at dating site How AboutWe.com and author of the upcoming book Modern Dating: A Field Guide. She shares seven first date ideas that are anything but boring. 

Ride Around
When the weather's warm, try taking a bike ride outside your city and having lunch in the next town over. Better yet? Pack a picnic and eat al fresco.

Hot for Teacher

Cooking classes are all the rage, so why not take one that involves making dessert with a blow torch, then marvel at your newfound skills over wine after? Smokin' hot.

Snow Bunny

If you live near the slopes, enjoy an afternoon of skiing or snowboarding, then refuel with burgers in the ski lodge. End the date with your feet by the fire and a warm drink in your hands.

Who's Got Game?

Bring your competitive edge by going to an arcade, fair, or boardwalk to indulge in some gaming Olympics: Best out of five competitive events wins. Then, the winner gets a giant toy bought with your combined tickets.

Map It

Play tourist in your own city: Pick a landmark neither of you have been to, then spend the afternoon or evening checking it out and exploring the gift shop.

Shall We Dine?

Turn a typical dinner date into an adventure by having what's called a "progressive dinner," where you enjoy your appetizers, entrees and desserts all at different places. Yum!

Must Love Dogs

If you're both into animals, head over to the local animal shelter to walk some adorable pooches while bonding over stories about your childhood pets. Adorbs.